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McDonald’s for weight loss? Pre-diabetic man completes 100-day McDonald’s-only diet, losses nearly 60 lbs



Kevin Maginnis set out on a unique weight loss journey by committing to eat only McDonald’s for 100 days. Many doubted his ability to achieve his goal of losing 50 pounds, but on the 100th day, Maginnis stood proud having shed 58.5 pounds.

Sharing his journey on TikTok, Maginnis documented his daily fast-food orders, opting for half portions of various McDonald’s menu items for each meal. Starting at 238 pounds, he weighed 179.5 pounds on the final day.

To mark his 100-day milestone, Maginnis appeared on the Today Show to discuss his experience. He expressed feeling amazing and humorously addressed any skeptics while joking about enjoying an apple fritter while losing weight.

During the 100-day challenge, Maginnis avoided alcohol, drank 80 to 90 ounces of water daily, and refrained from snacking.

He didn’t incorporate additional fruits or vegetables, relying solely on the McDonald’s menu items that already included lettuce and blueberries, for instance.

Maginnis explained his approach of eating only when experiencing genuine hunger, allowing his body to burn fat from its excess reserves during periods of non-eating.

He emphasized portion control and the importance of having a plan and accountability for weight loss.

But, what about his bloodwork and cholesterol levels?

Addressing concerns about the impact of his fast-food diet on his health, Maginnis shared his bloodwork results, which reportedly showed improvements in triglycerides and cholesterol levels. He mentioned being pre-diabetic but claimed his sugar levels were now in a healthy range.

Maginnis clarified that he does not have a partnership with McDonald’s and embarked on the challenge to demonstrate that weight loss is possible with any type of food. He urged people to avoid vilifying food and instead focus on portion sizes and having a strategy.

His wife, Melody Maginnis, also joined him in the McDonald’s-only challenge for the last 60 days and has lost 17 pounds so far.

With the completion of his 100-day challenge, Maginnis plans to celebrate with a filet mignon, a departure from his usual fast-food fare. However, he isn’t done with self-imposed challenges yet and intends to see if he can climb a 100-foot rope in 100 days.

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