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Hip punching is an illegal tactic and "paralyzing" foul that often goes unnoticed and is seldom called when seen.
A GUESS commercial, inspired by 'Raging Bull,' showcases a relatively unknown 24 year old model named Anna Nicole Smith in 1992.
Wednesday, 01 July 2015 04:00

Convulsing in boxing: What is it? (Video)

Many of us have seen a fighter get knocked down and start shaking uncontrollably soon thereafter.
How does a boxer's handspeed compare to one of nature's fastest strikers?
"He's shot to bits," said one pilgrim at East London's York Hall. "But we had to come and see him, whatever state he's in."
Allan Green KOs Jaidon Codrington in 18 seconds
Will Nicolai Firtha face a similar fate tonight?
Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran in 7-UP ad
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