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Sunday, 19 January 2014 22:21

Lebroning: The latest rage? (VIDEO)

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So that's what David Haye was doing in his Summer 2011 bout with Wladimir Klitschko???
Perhaps Haye was paying tribute to NBA star LeBron James and we're all just figuring it out?

Forget about Planking, Tebowing and the Harlem Shake...

There's a new visual meme going viral and it's called 'LeBroning.'

/le-bron-ing (noun) 1. The action of throwing yourself to the floor after a light brush by another player, person or animal.

The action is followed by an angry facial expression claiming it is not in any way your fault that you are on the ground.

Yes, Lebroning is sweeping the nation.

Tip:  If someone in the mall bumps you and then violently falls to the floor, don't worry. You did nothing wrong.

He/She is just Lebroning.

Don't try this in the ring... or on concrete... Definitely not on concrete. (My aching back)