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Boxing Gloves: The anatomy of a glove

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Boxing gloves are cushioned mitts worn by boxers during fights and in training, and were developed to protect the hands of the striker during a bout.

Using modern boxing gloves also results in fewer facial injuries and reduces the impact of the blow (versus the ungloved fist) but does not reduce the risk of brain damage for participants.

Boxing gloves come in different colors, styles and weights, and are often worn over hand wraps, which help stabilize the fist area against injuries such fractures.

Sparring gloves can be 12, 14, 16 or 20-oz, while bag gloves, amateur and professional, usually range from 8 to 10-oz. However, fighters will often use larger gloves on the heavybag to improve arm strength and endurance. 

For pro fights, boxers agree on the weight of the gloves before their match. However, rules for most jurisdictions stipulate that light middleweights (154 lbs) and higher fight with 10-oz gloves while welterweights (147 lbs and lower), use the smaller 8-oz variety.

The use of 10-oz gloves in lower weight classes can be negotiated on a fight-by-fight basis. 

In all female contests boxing gloves are 10-oz in weight.

The Anatomy of a Glove

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