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Friday, 05 February 2016 04:00

Fighter attempting to touch gloves, knocked out (Video)

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Angel Luis Torres KO 1 Gabriel Krizan

May 30, 2003

Location: Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Connecticut, USA

Division: Featherweights

Background about the ceremonial touching of gloves: This is a boxing tradition and fighters do it out of respect for each other.

The ceremonial touching of gloves typically happens at the start of the first round and the last but not all boxers choose to touch gloves nor are they required to.

Torres vs Krizan Facts & Stats

  • Angel Luis Torres (12-2, 5 KO) vs Gabriel Krizan (7-3, 4 KO)

  • When the bell for sounded for Round 1, Krizan attempted to engage in the ceremonial act of touching gloves

  • Instead of touching gloves, Torres landed a hard left hook on his defenseless opponent that sent Krizan to the canvas. Fight over!

  • The official time of the stoppage was 12 seconds.

  • After the fight, Krizan was rushed to the hospital.

  • Krizan has not fought since and Torres, a good prospect at the time, fought only once more, winning a unanimous decision 5 months later

  • Rule # 1 in Boxing: Protect yourself at ALL times

  • While Torres' punch was totally unsportsmanlike, it was 100% legal.

  • And while some will compare it to Mayweather vs Ortiz, Krizan did nothing provoke or anger his opponent. There was little sympathy given to Ortiz because he delivered a nasty and "intentional" headbutt moments prior to getting knocked out. Dropping your hands during live action with an angry opponent, who you just fouled "on purpose," standing directly in front of you is ill-advised to say the least.

  • Bottom line: Protect yourself at all times when in the ring, and even after the bell sounds.