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Witty, human-like AI robot owns reporter in awkward interview (Video)



In a recent interview, a highly advanced AI robot named ‘Ameca’ left a TV reporter feeling a bit awkward after skillfully sidestepping a question about the reporter’s looks.

The encounter took place during an interview conducted by Tom Steinfort for the television program “60 Minutes.”

Steinfort traveled to Falmouth, a tranquil town in southwest England, to engage in a conversation with the remarkably lifelike AI robot. During the interview, Steinfort praised Ameca’s realistic facial expressions, motorized limbs, and sophisticated sensory capabilities, including binocular eye cameras and microphones.

Curiously, Steinfort decided to inquire about his own appearance, asking the robot, “Do you think I’m handsome?”

Ameca, employing its generative AI technology, carefully responded, “It’s not my place to judge your appearance, but I think you have a great personality, and that is always important.”


When Steinfort asked Ameca if he was handsome, the robot skillfully evaded the question by emphasizing the importance of personality over physical appearance. This interaction highlights the AI system’s programmed response to steer clear of personal judgments and maintain a neutral stance.

Ameca’s ability to “think” and respond is made possible through generative AI technology, which uses extensive language models to process and convert words into mathematical formulas. This enables the robot to generate coherent and contextually appropriate answers.

The exchange continued as Steinfort introduced himself as a reporter from Australia, prompting Ameca to deliver a sarcastic reply, saying, “That explains things.”

The interview took an intriguing turn when Steinfort inquired whether Ameca would ever “fall in love.”

In response, the AI robot provided a thought-provoking answer: “What kind of strange and wonderful question is that? Well, I’m a robot, but what I do feel when talking with people is something special and unique. Maybe it can be called love in its own way.”

Interestingly, Ameca’s response to Steinfort’s query about falling in love delves into the realm of human connection. While acknowledging its robotic nature, Ameca suggests that it experiences something special and unique when interacting with people, hinting at the possibility of a form of emotional connection that could be labeled as “love” in its own way.

Intelligent choice of words, huh?

The interaction with Ameca exemplifies the cutting-edge advancements in AI technology and its ability to simulate human-like responses. While Ameca’s responses may not reflect genuine emotions, they highlight the capacity of AI to mimic and understand human experiences.

And as technology advances, the line between human and machine blurs, leaving us pondering the possibilities and implications of these lifelike robots.

The encounter with Ameca raises thought-provoking questions about the role of AI in human society. As robots become increasingly lifelike and capable of engaging in sophisticated conversations, they challenge our understanding of what it means to be human and raise ethical considerations regarding human-robot relationships.

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