Paul vs Rahman odds (early thoughts)

By Leroy Cleveland - July 6, 2022

Is Jake Paul really fighting Hasim Rahman Jr (12-1, 6 KO)? If so, the former YouTuber is every bit as confident as he portrays.

We don’t have Paul vs Rahman odds yet but when or if this bout becomes official, don’t be surprised if Paul is a slight to mediocre favorite.

The big question: How will Paul fare against a “real” professional boxer with 5 years and 13 fights under his belt? We haven’t seen him face a real and legit boxer yet.

And yes, Rahman has sparred with Paul so perhaps Jake knows what he’s getting into? And maybe he doesn’t. After all, sparring and fighting aren’t synonymous for the most part.

Perhaps Team Paul thinks they saw something in Rahman during those sparring sessions they think they can expose?

Rahman was derailed for the first time in his career in April, compliments of a 5th Round TKO by James McKenzie Morrison, son of the late Tommy ‘The Duke’ Morrison, an exciting 1990s heavyweight contender

Sure, Paul looked great in KOing Tyrone Woodley in December. And he looked poised and destructive in dispatching Ben Askren in less than a round in April 2021. And let’s face it, Rahman looked bad in his most recent outing against Morrison.

The caveat: Woodley and Askren were retired (or semi-retired) MMA fighters while James McKenzie Morrison was a hungry 31-year-old heavyweight boxer with a record of 18-0-2, 16 KOs.

Secondly, there’s not a lot of footage of Rahman in the ring. If I were Paul, I’d want to see more footage on Hasim than what’s apparently available on YouTube.

And maybe Jake Paul has already seen enough of Hasim via their sparring to think he can whoop him?

Who knows?

Although the initial betting line may not reflect it, Paul vs Rahman is, at least on paper, a dangerous fight for Jake. In fact, Rahman – on paper – should probably be the slight favorite (although he likely won’t be).

I haven’t seen the sparring sessions. Obviously, because the fighters are familiar with each other, look for them to use the next four weeks to make slight adjustments.

We’ll have a Paul vs Rahman prediction after reviewing the sparring sessions and examing additional ringside footage of Hasim, Jr (if we can find it).

Don’t be surprised if we pick Rahman.

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