Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman, Jr: Fan/Expert reaction (pre-fight)

By Leroy Cleveland - July 8, 2022

YouTube celebrity Jake Paul (5-0, 4 KO) will face Hasim Rahman, Jr (12-1, 6 KO) on August 6. The former was initially slated to fight Tommy Fury who was replaced following passport issues.

The big question: How will Paul fare against a “real” professional boxer with 5 years and 13 fights under his belt? We haven’t seen him face a real and legit boxer yet.

“I’m literally crazy,” Paul told ESPN.

“There’s no reason why I should be taking this fight. I want to prove to the boxing world that I’m a real dog, which I am. I am fighting this 12-1 kid who is bigger than Tommy Fury, faster than Tommy Fury… I’m gonna put on a performance of a lifetime and just shut everyone up.”

Second, how much money will the event generate, and are you even interested?

Here’s some of the reaction to the Paul vs Rahman announcement:

For the first time, we’ll see Jake Paul face a real boxer. However, Rahman’s 12 wins haven’t exactly come against stellar or even mediocre opponents; But it’s not uncommon for a boxer with just 13 pro fights. to have faced mostly lower-tier opponents.

Rahman’s only standout opponent, James McKenzie Morrison (then 18-0-2, 16 KO), derailed Hasim, Jr for the first time in his career in April, compliments of a 5th Round TKO.

Tommy Fury is going to take a swan dive into the Thames if Rahman ends Jake Paul’s career. I can’t imagine that Jake Paul is dumb enough to leave things to chance though, so I am fairly certain that Rahman Jr has been well-compensated to take his own dive.

NachoMan, BoxingScene Forum

Yea I’m going to assume the winner is already decided in this one as I just can’t see Jake remotely winning this one in a legit fight . I can’t imagine Paul is favored but if he isn’t I might take a little bet here . Actually wAit I didn’t see this so maybe the fight is legit and no funny play will happen ?

Redeemer, BoxingScene Forum

Fixed fights on the big-stage level are VERY uncommon. It’s not likely this fight will be fixed as Rahman has too much to gain by winning. A win over Paul would mightily propel his career as Sergio Mora’s implies below.

I think it’s a good opponent choice to be honest with you. Because Hasim Rahman is a boxer and we take our hat off to Jake Paul for thatl But he’s sparred him before. He just got knocked out by Tommy Morrison’s son but I think he’s alright. It’s good…. They’ve got a credible opponent.

Eddie Hearn, Finn – Boxing News

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