Hasim Rahman Jr: Weight will be an issue vs Jake Paul

By Leroy Cleveland - July 10, 2022

So, there’s a catch after all.

Maybe we shouldn’t give Jake Paul too much credit for facing a legit pro boxer yet.

The August 6 fight between Hasim Rahman, Jr and Paul will take at cruiserweight. Hence, there’s a 200-pound limit.

But, wait, Rahamn Jr weighed 224 pounds for his most recent scrap against James McKinsey Morrison in April.

And there, you have it.

Who knows how much Rahman weighed when he was given four weeks’ notice for this bout?

It’s probably safe to assume he will have had to lose 20 to 35 pounds in a very short time in order to make weight. As a result, Rahman is fighting two opponents – Paul and the scale.

And if Rahman fails to make weight and defeats Paul, the latter can conveniently say he fought a larger opponent in a heavier weight division.

And yes, there’s probably verbiage in the contract stating that if a fighter enters the bout over the 200-pound limit, he’ll be fined some ungodly sum.

Rahman weighed 234½ for his pro debut in 2017. His heaviest fighting weight is a whopping 269 pounds in February 2021 while his lowest, to date, is 211¾ in December 2018.

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