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Betting Fury? Fury vs Chisora 3 odds

By Lee Cleveland - October 23, 2022

Undefeated WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23KO) is set to face Derek Chisora (33-12, KO) on Saturday 3rd December 2022 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

The bout will be the third meeting between the fighters with Fury winning their previous bouts decicively in 2011 and 2014. As a result, it’s no surprise many fans balked when Fury vs Chisora 3 was announced.

Fury vs Chisora 3 odds
Draft Kings Sportsbook and BET MGM have the WBC Champ as a -2500 favorite while the former lists Chisora as the +1000 underdog and latter positions Dereck at +900. Hence, a successful $100 bet on Fury would net $4 while the same winning bet on Chisora would net $1000 and $900 with Draft Kings Sportsbook and BET MGM, respectively.

Successful $100 winning bets via FanDuel would generate $5.26 for Fury and a whopping $1200 for Chisora.

So, how about those odds – Not surprising given Fury is undefeated, has bested Chisora twice, and beacuse Derek has 12 losses? Moreover, the match-up favors Fury stylistically. Tyson is much taller, boasts a longer reach, is quicker and is more defensively sound. Hence, Chisora seems tailor-made for Fury.

In addition, Chisora seemingly lacks the speed and explosiveness to crack Fury with the powerful shots Deontay Wilder floored the WBC Champ four times with.

Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora
Date: Dec 3, 2022
Venue / Location: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Tottenham
Division: Heavyweight
Broadcast: tbd
Titles: WBC (Fury defending)

Fury is the crème of the crop in the heavyweight division. He’s unbeaten, has toppled fight legend Wladimir Klitschko and has KO’d heavyweight powerbroker Deontay Wilder twice. Moreover, he’s 6’9″, has long a reach along with good quickness and foot movement, and is quite durable.

Odds are very long Chisora will win a decision because Fury will enter as the A-side and a popular champion. Most rounds that are remotely close will be awarded to him. To win, Chisora, a brawler, will likely have to stop the champion inside the distance or score several knockdowns should it go the full 12; But, Fury isn’t easy to hit cleanly and has proven durable when rattled.

In order to have any chance to win, Chisora must get inside and find ways to land powerful shots because he won’t be able to outpoint the big man.

Does Chisora have a chance?

In his defense, he’s a better fighter today than he was in his previous meetings with Fury. However, despite the fact he’s given us scintillating performances the last several years, he’s still lost 3 of his last 6 fights.

Moreover, Fury, obviously better on paper, has a tendency to fight to the level of his opposition. He’s had some forgettable bouts against the likes of Otto Wallin and Francesco Pianeta, opponents not as threatening as Chisora.

We know Derek Chisora will be motivated… Will Fury?

Fury has retired and unretired several times and has talked about pursuing and acting career and joining the WWE. Is he motivated?

Furthermore, there are no titles to gain and Derek, although super tough and quite offensive, simply doesn’t possess the level of threat of several of Fury’s vanquished foes. He’s not as quick, explosive or powerful as Wilder, doesn’t have the jab and overall technical poise of Wladimir Klitschko. and lacks the boxing ability of Klitschko and Dillian Whyte.

Fury has every reason to take Chisora lightly so an upset isn’t completely out of the question although it’s not likely.

If you’re looking for reasons to wager on Chisora, look for indicators Tyson is taking Derek too lightly. Is Fury over-confident and how heavy will he enter the ring?

Betting Fury? On paper, it’s an one of the easier wagers to make in heavyweight title fights the past few years. But, is it worth the significant financial loss in the event of an upset?


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