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Will Ron Rivera be fired in 2023?

By Lee Cleveland - January 2, 2023

Following the Washington Commanders’ 24-10 home loss to the Cleveland Browns this afternoon, Fire Ron trended on Twitter.

The loss will knock Washington, a team that previously controlled its own post-season destiny, out of the playoffs.

Commanders fans are understandably unhappy with their team’s head coach, Ron Rivera, who has guided Washington to a 20-27-1 record since debuting in that role in 2020.

In addition to making a lot of questionable calls that haven’t gone the Commanders’ way, Rivera, dubbed “Riverboat Ron” for his tendency to take unorthodox chances as a coach, has made some inexplicable decisions as it relates to the starting quarterback position.

Last week, Taylor Hieneke, Washington’s previous starting quarterback, was benched after going for 13/18, 166 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT against the league’s best defense in the San Francisco 49ers.


Rivera insisted the team needed a “spark.”

Today, Hieneke’s replacement, the slower, more methodical Carson Wentz, was 16/28, 143 yards, and 3 INT as the Washington offense mustered just 10 points.

The more mobile Heinicke, arguably much better suited for Washington’s shaky pass-blocking, had started every game for the Commanders since Week 7, leading the team to a 5-3-1 record over ten weeks.

With Wentz as the starter, the team is 2-5 this season.

Dan Synder, the current Commanders owner, is believed to be looking to sell the team this year. Should that happen, will the new management fire Ron Rivera?

Over the last five seasons, including the current one (with one game left), Rivera-coached teams are 32-43-1. And while he coached the then-7-9 Washington Football Team to a division title in 2020, a Rivera-led team hasn’t finished above .500 since 2017 (Carolina Panthers).

Should Washington fire Rivera?