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Wanna quit your job with nothing lined up? TikToker offers advice

By Lee Cleveland - February 4, 2023

A job hunter on TikTok issued a now-viral warning to employed people who want to quit their jobs because they don’t like them. 

“I know you hate it but baby you don’t want to be here’ (c) woman speaking caption ‘I’m on indeed non stop and it’s just dry,” said job hunter Braden Bjella (@drscarlettsmash/TikTok) on TikTok

If you’re thinking about quitting, says TikTok user Dr. Scarlett Smash (@drscarlettsmash), don’t.

“100% please do not quit your job,” Scarlett says in the video, which currently has over 203,000 views. “I am not joking when I’m trying to say I’m doing everything I possibly can. I’m on Indeed non-stop, and it’s just dry. There aren’t any jobs that are being posted. Not a single posting in my field was posted today.”

“I am serious when I’m trying to say the job market is so bad, and there’s so many people out here right now that are jobless,” she adds. “Stay where you’re at. I know you hate it, but, baby, you don’t want to be here.”

Last week, FightSaga ran a story about frustrated, unemployed TikTokers complaining they’re getting very few responses to the many resumes and job applications they’re sending. However, the January jobs report showed the unemployment rate fell to 3.4% versus the estimate for 3.6%. It was the lowest jobless level since May 1969.


Nevertheless, people on TikTok insist that even after applying to ‘hundreds’ of jobs they can’t get inasmuch as one confirmation of receipt for an application or résumé.

But, not everyone is having the same experience.

“I am in…healthcare and they are calling me every single day. I’m not joking,” a user alleged.

“What field are you in? What location? Because where I’m at, we can’t find enough people to work!!” an additional TikToker exclaimed.

It’s usually beneficial to have a job when seeking a job because it eliminates – or reduces – the finacial duress experienced when you’re unemployed. Also, employed applicants have more leverage in the application and acceptance processes.

And lastly, being employed is a small plus in the eyes of the hiring authority. Job searchers who are currently employed are, even if unfairly, deemed a little safer to hire because another employer is seemingly is content enough with their work to leep them on staff.

Of course, there are layoffs and not everyone can have the luxury of being employed while searching for something better.

Are you looking for a job? If so, please share your search experience below.


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