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Top 10 wealthiest people at the start of 2023

By Lee Cleveland - January 6, 2023

Forbes recently published its real-time list of the 10 richest people in the world as of January 1, 2023, according to those individuals’ presumed financial worth.

Bernard Arnault (France) – $181.6 billion from LVMH

Elon Musk (U.S.) – $146.5 billion from Tesla and SpaceX

Guatam Adani (India) – $126.1 billion from infrastructure and commodities

Warren Buffett (U.S.) – $107.6 billion from Berkshire Hathaway

Jeff Bezos (U.S.) – $107.3 billion from Amazon

Bill Gates (U.S.) – $103.3 billion from Microsoft

Larry Ellison (U.S.) – $102.4 billion from Oracle

Mukesh Ambani (India) – $90.6 billion from diversified sources

Carlos Slim Helu (Mexico) – $81.2 billion from the telecom industry

Steve Ballmer (U.S) – $78.5 billion from Microsoft

So, why isn’t Elon Musk No. 1?

He was previously in the top position for a long time. In fact, his fortune peaked at $340 billion, more than double what is it now, on November 4, 2021. However, he was recently overtaken by France’s Bernard Arnault because shares for Musk’s primary company, Tesla, plummeted last year despite year-over-year profit and revenue growth.

In addition, Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter may have also led to a dip in Elon’s net worth. He purchased the social media platform for $44 billion in late October.

Musk recently made headlines for becoming the first individual ever to lose $200 billion, according to a Bloomberg report.


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