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Three words: President Obama’s awesome career advice for young people



When seeking career advice, few individuals possess the wisdom and experience of former President Barack Obama. From his meteoric rise to the presidency after just a few years in the political arena to his recent exploration of the concept of “good” work in his Netflix show “Working: What We Do All Day,” Obama has proven his understanding of the professional world.

In a conversation with LinkedIn Editor-in-Chief Daniel Roth, Obama shared his most valuable career advice for young people, encapsulated in three simple words: “Get stuff done.”

The Power of Getting Stuff Done:

At every level of any organization, whether it be a small team or a multinational corporation, individuals who possess the ability to solve problems and take action stand out. Obama highlights the prevalence of those who excel at describing problems or providing explanations for failures but fall short when it comes to actively resolving issues.

By projecting an attitude of competence and a willingness to tackle challenges head-on, individuals can make a lasting impression on their superiors.

Obama assures that such individuals will not go unnoticed, as their proactive approach becomes evident to those in leadership positions.

The Essence of Trust and Delegation:

As a former president who entrusted crucial responsibilities to others, Obama recognizes the significance of placing trust in capable individuals. He acknowledges that effective delegation and knowing whom to rely on are fundamental aspects of leadership. When holding a position as influential as the President of the United States, the consequences of poor decision-making can impact countless lives. Hence, the importance of surrounding oneself with trustworthy individuals who can efficiently and correctly execute assigned tasks cannot be overstated.

Pursuing Passion over Job Titles/Happiness-Interest Connection:

Obama advises young people not to become fixated on specific job titles but rather to focus on areas that genuinely interest them.

He cites examples like Bill Gates, who followed his passion for computers and ultimately became a prominent figure in the tech industry. By aligning one’s career path with personal interests, individuals are more likely to find fulfillment and happiness.

After all, our daily lives comprise a limited number of hours, and dedicating that time to something we genuinely love can result in contentment throughout the day.


President Barack Obama’s concise career advice of “Get stuff done” carries profound implications for young individuals navigating their professional journeys. By emphasizing the value of action, trust, and passion, Obama encourages young people to actively seek opportunities to make a difference.

In a world where talk and ideas abound, taking initiative and getting things done sets individuals apart. By aligning their work with their interests, individuals can unlock a deeper sense of satisfaction and happiness. So, let us heed President Obama’s wise counsel and embark on a path of meaningful action, pursuing our passions, and making a lasting impact in our chosen careers.

Get stuff done!

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