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Third-party candidate Donald Trump? Why he has his foot on the GOP’s neck

By Lee Cleveland - December 29, 2022

Per Raw Story, former President Donald Trump on Wednesday floated the idea of running as a third-party candidate in 2024 should he not win the Republican Party’s nomination for president.

On the Truth Social platform, Trump referenced an article published on a pro-MAGA website whereby the author compared him to Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president.

Roosevelt, after serving nearly two terms in the Oval Office, relinquished the presidency only to make a political comeback four years later. But, he would lose the Republican presidential nomination to incumbent President William Howard Taft in 1912 and subsequently run as a third-party candidate.

1912 U.S. Presidential Election

Of course, because the Republican vote was split the election was handed to Democrat Woodrow Wilson who won easily despite receiving less than 42 percent of the popular vote.

So, Donald Trump is essentially telling the Republican Party that if it nominates someone else, he’ll screw them by running as a third-party candidate.

He’s repeatedly prioritized his party over his country and is now threatening to prioritize his selfish personal desires ahead of the welfare and wishes of his party.

Trump’s actions would be akin to Bernie Sanders running for president as an Independent in order to tank President Joe Biden’s chances.

What a piece of work… Donald Trump.

The writer of the article Trump referenced seems to concede that if the former president jumped ship and ran as a third-party candidate, Democrats, in 2024, would likely win easily. But, he suggests Trump should consider it because such a tactic would teach the Republican Party a lesson about defying its base.

Teach the party a lesson? But, if Trump losses the nomination, his base will have been outnumbered by a group of Republicans even larger. Nevertheless, win or lose in 2024, Trump’s die-hard following will represent a decent chunk of the Republican Party.

And yes, most will vote for him out of spite if he asks them.

“I have no intention of supporting a Republican Party that manifestly contravenes the desires of its voters,” the writer of the Trump-referenced article scribed.

“The RNC can pretend Trump isn’t loved by the base anymore, that he doesn’t have packed rallies everywhere he goes. But I’m not buying it: Talk to Republican voters anywhere outside the Beltway, and it is obvious that he is admired and even loved by those who consider themselves ‘ordinary’ Americans.”

Should Trump run as a third-party candidate in 2024, the Democratic presidential candidate would likely win easily. And there’s a more recent reference than the 1912 U.S. President Election to support that theory.

In 1992, Democrat Bill Clinton cruised to victory with just 42 percent of the popular vote thanks, in part, to Independent candidate Ross Perot who was essentially the second Republican in the race. So, while most Democrats were united behind Clinton, many Republicans were split between Perot and incumbent President George H.W. Bush.

1992 U.S. Presidential Election

And while Perot was certainly successful in luring some Democrats and moderates, his impact was felt most on the Republican end as his economic nationalism, views on crime, and unconventional, unapologetic rhetoric had the most appeal among conservative voters.

Will Trump, with his never-ending freak show of scandals, alleged crimes, and unnerving rants, win the Republican nomination in 2024 or will someone else?

Should Trump lose the nomination, what are the chances he’d run as an Independent or third-party candidate?


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