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Best 10 states for Artificial Intelligence (AI) jobs

By Lee Cleveland, FightSaga - April 7, 2023

The AI industry is booming and there are plenty of opportunities available for anyone wanting to get a piece of the action. From AI engineer to AI software engineer, there’s no shortage of roles available—and they’re highly sought-after!

Contrary to the fear of AI taking over jobs, a 2023 AI Index Report revealed that around 800,000 AI-related vacancies were available in the US last year. Statistics for this report were obtained from Stanford University’s Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.

The U.S. is experiencing an influx of AI-related roles, ranging from AI engineers to AI directors, as demand for the technology increases.

These ten states have risen above the rest with an influx of AI jobs.

10 Michigan

Estimated AI-related jobs: 25,366
Zip Recruiter reports that the average salary for an AI job in Michigan is $125,047. The two most sought-after job titles for artificial intelligence positions in Michigan are intelligence analyst and artificial intelligence ethics.

9. Georgia

Estimated AI-related jobs: 26,620
The average salary in the sector (specifically in Atlanta) is $119,364, according to Zip Recruiter and of the jobs are in Atlanta.

8. Washington

Estimated AI-related jobs: 31,284
ZIP Recruiter’s data suggests that the typical AI salary in Seattle is a very high $167,825. Additionally, AI Writer and AI Data Labeling positions are the two most sought-after roles in the city.

7. Illinois

Estimated AI-related jobs: 31,569
Zip Recruiter’s salary survey for AI roles in Chicago indicated that entry-level positions paid around $83,657, while the average salary was around $160,931. The most sought-after jobs in the city were International Intelligence and Business Intelligence Data Analyst roles.

6. Florida

Estimated AI-related jobs: 33,585

Zip Recruiter states that the median salary for an AI role is $96,044, with Artificial Lift Engineer and Global Intelligence Analyst as the most prominent positions available. These occupations demonstrate the potential of this rapidly developing technology and its continued relevance in today’s world.

5. Virginia

Estimated AI-related jobs: 34,221

The average AI salary specified by Zip Recruiter is $137,925 and Business Intelligence Analyst and Intelligence Analyst positions are the top two most popular job titles in the state.

4. Massachusetts

Estimated AI-related jobs: 34,063

Zip Recruiter reports that the average AI salary in Boston is $154,098; AI Software Engineer & Signal AI positions are the most sought-after jobs in the state. This goes to show how lucrative a career in AI can be.

3. New York

Estimated AI-related jobs: 43,899

Zip Recruiter reported that the typical AI salary in this state is approximately $170,664. Of the most sought-after roles, Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Artificial Intelligence Neuroscience appear to be leading the way.

2. Texas

Estimated AI-related jobs: 66,624

Zip Recruiter revealed that the typical salary for those in AI jobs in Texas is $147,729. The most desired positions are Business Intelligence Engineer and Samsung Machine Learning, as indicated by their popularity among employers.

  1. California

Estimated AI-related jobs: 142,154

Zip Recruiter data reveals that the average AI salary in California is $123,053, with Intelligence Analyst and Business Intelligence Consultant roles being two of the most sought-after titles.


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