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The percentage of men who sit down to pee: Exploring urination habits

By Lee Cleveland, FightSaga - June 5, 2023

A recent poll conducted by the respected British survey company YouGov has shed light on the surprising habits of men in the United States when it comes to peeing. The poll revealed that almost one in four men in the US sit down to pee “every” or “most” of the time, challenging the commonly held belief that standing is the norm. This finding was part of a larger survey conducted to examine attitudes toward men’s urination habits across different countries.

The survey was initiated following an article in The Guardian earlier this year that explored cultural differences in urination practices. The article highlighted that Germans have their own slang term, “Sitzpinklers,” for men who sit down to pee. While the term carries some negative connotations, implying effeminacy, Germany seems to be more accepting of men sitting down, as evidenced by signs in German bathrooms encouraging men to do so. The issue gained attention when a German landlord took his tenants to court due to “splashback” damage to his marble floor.

Motivated by the article, YouGov surveyed men in 13 different countries, asking them whether they typically stood or sat to pee.

Sitting prevails:
Germany emerged as the country with the highest percentage of men who sit down to pee. Forty percent of German men stated that they always sat down, and an additional 22 percent said they did so “most times.” The remaining respondents indicated that they sat “sometimes” or “rarely,” while 10 percent claimed they “never” sat.

Sweden and Denmark followed Germany with the highest proportions of men sitting down. In Canada, 16 percent reported always sitting, and 19 percent sat “most times.” Meanwhile, 21 percent of Canadian men claimed they never sat down.

The US ranked roughly in the middle of the list of 13 countries. Ten percent of American men stated that they always sat down, while an additional 13 percent said they sat down most of the time. Thirty-one percent of US men claimed they never sat to pee.

The prevalence of standing:
Mexico stood out as the country where men were most likely to stand while peeing. Thirty-six percent of Mexican men reported never sitting down, and only 6 percent claimed to always sit.

Age disparities:
The study also revealed variations between different age groups. In Germany, nearly 50 percent of men over 55 reported always sitting down to pee. However, in the US, 35 percent of older men stated they never sat down, compared to 21 percent of younger men.

The study involved 7,000 men across 13 countries and was conducted between March and April. Participants were asked about their habits specifically regarding urination, excluding instances when they needed to both pee and poop.

In terms of health implications, there is little difference for most men between sitting and standing to pee. However, a 2014 study suggested that sitting might be more beneficial for individuals with prostate enlargement, as they are less likely to experience post-pee dribbles when they pee while seated.