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Study: AI could impact 80 percent of the American workforce

By Lee Cleveland - March 28, 2023

Are we ready for the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? It will likely be bigger than the birth of the internet. Some say, much bigger.

A recent study by OpenAI, OpenResearch, and the University of Pennsylvania suggests that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to affect 80% of the U.S. workforce, either by creating new job roles or replacing them altogether.

Moreover, per the same study, nearly 20 percent of workers could see at least 50 percent of their work tasks impacted in the near term as it’s believed 15 percent of all work tasks in the U.S. “could be completed significantly faster at the same level of quality” with access to the artificial intelligence tool.

Mathematicians, authors, and journalists will be the first at risk of being replaced by GPT technology since it can cut down their task time significantly. This also could apply to web and digital interface designers and tax preparers.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT language processing system is gaining traction and creating a buzz of both enthusiasm and skepticism over the prospects of using AI in educational institutions, businesses, and other areas. The technology enables computers to generate conversations and written reports that mimic human-made dialogue and writing, which has opened up many possibilities for its applications.

The rise of AI has prompted some concern about its misuse, particularly in scholastic settings. For example, students could use AI to generate an essay with information sourced from the internet. Just last week, there were cases of manipulated AI-created images of former President Trump being arrested.