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Short skirts at work: How short is too short?

By Lee Cleveland - March 9, 2023

If you’re a young or middle-aged female in most parts of the U.S., it’s almost that time of year to start donning warm-weather attire. So, is there a definitive answer as to how short is too short for a skirt in the workplace?

Some suggest you can opt for shorter skirts if you pair them with dark tights, regardless of whether you choose to wear heels or flats, while others believe height plays a role in determining skirt length. In the end, it probably depends on your work dress code and personal preference (in that order).

Per corporette’s survey, the majority agreed that skirts should be no higher than just above the knee for work. (Item C below)

how short is too short for a skirt at work?

Kat, a corporette writer stated: “D would probably be my limit, but only with dark tights… I heard a rule long ago that the higher your skirt the lower your heel should be; I’ve always found success with that.”

Women, do you have any personal rules for dressing in the workplace?

What is the appropriate length for a dress when it comes to workplace attire? Many experts agree that it should be a modest length that just grazes, but doesn’t hug your knees. Fortunately, there are plenty of fashionable options for those who want to stay professional at work without compromising their personal style.

Also, which shoes do you like to wear with different dresses? If you’re taller, what do you think the rules should be for tall women wearing dresses at work?