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Senseless police killing of Christian Glass, on par with Tyre Nichols



Something has to change because its become all too evident over the past decade that some police can’t handle challenging, non-threatening situations.

Yes, non-threatening.

Are they in dire need of better – or different – training? Are some simply not police material? Or are some just downright nasty?

The majority of police are committed public servants but, as usual, the actions of the minority continue to ruin it for the many.

We’re hearing a lot about the Tyre Nichols’ beating but not much about 22-year-old Christian Glass who was killed by police last summer.

While driving alone late one night in Clear Creek, CO, Glass’s vehicle veered off the road and was apparently stuck. Frantic, the young man called 911 for help. When the police arrived, Glass, who had told the 911 operator he’d been battling depression, seemed to experience a psychological episode.

Glass appears to use his hands to display a heart, perhaps symbolizing his kindness

For a few moments, police tried to convince Glass to exit his vehicle until one of the cops drew his weapon and subsequently asked Glass why he didn’t want to exit the car.

“I’m terrified,” the 22-year-old responded.

Given the poor guy was already scared and had previously mentioned he’d been battling some mental issues, why pull out a gun to frighten him even more?

Is that what they’re teaching these days?

And was that “diffusing the situation?

And let’s not forget, he called the police for their assistance and was probably hoping cops would give him a good push and send him on his way.

Getting stuck in the mud or snow is quite common as most of us (especially men) have probably pushed quite a few stuck cars to help drivers in distress amid poor conditions.

I’ve pushed cars to safety many times and have been pushed to safety a few times myself, from the front and back.

After about an hour or so of not being able to convince Glass to exit his vehicle, the police broke a car window and shot bean bags at the terrified young man before tazzing him like a common criminal, all while the Glass was sitting in the driver’s seat. Then Glass, perhaps suicidal at this point, showcased a small knife and allegedly acted as if he was going to stab himself when a cop unloaded five bullets into him at near point-blank range.

Glass died at the scene.

The body-cam footage doesn’t show Glass, who remained in the driver’s seat throughout, engaging in any acts of physical aggression.

But, the police-issued statement, which referred to Glass as the “suspect,” said that he re-armed himself with another knife and a rock. It also stated Glass was shot only after attempting to stab an officer. HOWEVER, several months later two of the cops who were at the scene were fired, including the officer that killed Glass.

… And THAT may be all we need to know about where the real guilt lies.

If those police acted lawfully, why were two of them fired over the case?

The victim’s father, Simon Glass, stated that the statement issued by the sheriff’s department after the killing was “false in almost every respect.” He said that they only learned how much the police had left out when the police released the body-cam videos to their lawyers.

He also said: “It was dark and he was really worried. He trusted the police to come and help him. Instead, they attacked and killed him.” Simon Glass also said: “The killer shot Christian five times, just to make sure. I’ve lost countless hours of sleep to the nightmares, it makes me sick.”

Still in disbelief and in obvious distress, Glass’s mother added, “People are outraged, and we have to make sure that this goes ahead, they’re indicted, they’re prosecuted, they’re convicted, they’re put in prison, and it doesn’t happen to somebody else.”

Amen to that.

“They’ve already filed charges for all of them … quick, and it’s great to see that and that’s that’s how things should be done,” Mr. Glass said Monday, noting that seven months had passed since their son’s killing. The runup to Monday’s court date was particularly emotional, he said.

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