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Scott Adams (Dilbert): Right-wing correspondent takes principled stand against ‘racist tirade’



Scott Adams, the renowned American author and cartoonist behind the massively successful Dilbert comic strip has often stirred controversy with his views on social and political issues. But he recently went too far for the liking of various news outlets and distributors, forcing many to drop Dilbert.

Adams, who is White, recently and repeatedly referred to Blacks as members of a “hate group” or a “racist hate group” and said he would no longer “help Black Americans.”

“Based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from Black people,” Adams said on his Wednesday show.

Was Scott a victim of ‘Cancel Culture?’

It appears Scott canceled himself as it’s no wonder very few big-name publishers, if any, would want to associate with him after that.

And kudos to correspondent Christina Thompson of the right-wing media outlet NewsMax for agreeing.

“These comments are not good; they need to be addressed,” she added on Monday.

“I can’t believe people like this are out there,” she continued, “and that they have any sort of platform. I’m so sick of this type of hate; I’m so sick of this anger in the world. Can we please all just be kind? I don’t understand why it’s so hard for some people.”

“I mean, come on, really? In today’s day in age, you’re going to continue perpetuating this idea of hate?” the correspondent asked.

Thompson said she did not “love cancel culture.”

“But I will say this is one time in cancel culture that I do think he deserves to be canceled,” she opined.

Right-wing Newsmax deserves credit for keeping it real… and Adams deserves to be siloed by the mainstream.

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