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Russia launches largest missile attack yet, targets maternity ward

By Lee Cleveland - December 29, 2022

Russia on Thursday launched its “most massive” missile barrage against Ukrainian cities (most notably Kherson) since the beginning of its invasion earlier this year, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said. It was not immediately known how many civilians were killed or injured by the barrage. More from Axios

The attack combined a swarm of drones and a volley of cruise missiles, the Ukrainian Air Force said on Facebook. Iranian-made exploding drones, which Russia began acquiring last summer, were launched in a first wave, apparently to bog down air defenses before the cruise missile strikes, it said, adding that its defense forces had shot down 54 of 69 missiles and knocked out drones.
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Not surprisingly, Russian thugs also targeted a maternity ward in Kherson. Miraculously, it’s being reported that no one was hurt and the staff at the hospital were able to complete a cesarean before evacuating to a shelter. More from Daily Mail

Ukraine regained Kherson last month and had the Russian military on the run. Since then, relentless Russian shelling in that area and others appears to have given Russia the upper hand in December.

Russia continues to bombard Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, such as its energy grid, in an attempt to weaponize the cold weather and freeze the Ukrainian military and civilians.


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