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Paul vs Diaz odds: This one is easy

By Lee Cleveland, FightSaga - August 4, 2023

It seems like there’s a highly anticipated fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, which is generating a lot of interest due to its cross-promotional nature.

Jake Paul, a popular influencer turned cruiserweight boxer, will face Nate Diaz, a renowned MMA fighter, in a 10-round boxing match. Diaz is stepping into the boxing ring for the first time outside the UFC in years.

In terms of physical attributes, Paul is bigger, stronger, and has more experience in boxing, while Diaz is naturally smaller and more accomplished in the world of combat sports. Paul has a height of 6 feet 1 inch and a reach of 76 inches, while Diaz shares the same measurements. However, Diaz has competed at 170 pounds in MMA (welterweight) which is two pounds above the super middleweight limit in boxing.

Given Paul’s size advantage and boxing experience, he is the favorite in this matchup. Diaz has a 21-13 record in pro-MMA, indicating his vast experience in the sport. However, in the world of boxing, Paul is considered a 4-1 favorite due to his previous victories against former MMA fighters.

Paul vs Diaz odds
Per Unibet and BetRiver, Paul is the -420 favorite with Diaz as the +320 underdog. Hence, a successful $100 bet on Paul would net $ 23.81 while the same winning wager on Diaz would garner $320.

It’s believed that Diaz’s cardio and conditioning are excellent, which might prevent him from being knocked out like some of Paul’s previous opponents. However, the prediction is that Paul’s power, skills, and ring experience will eventually lead to a victory, most likely in rounds 6-10.

It’s difficult to see how Diaz wins. Maybe Paul is overlooking him or perhaps Diaz manages to cut Paul badly?

But, Diaz is a fun longshot underdog with the potential to cause discomfort to Jake Paul and make the fight more competitive.

In addition to the main event, the pay-per-view card features a rematch between undisputed featherweight champion Amanda Serrano and former world champion Heather Hardy.

Overall, the Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz fight has generated a lot of fanfare and curiosity due to its unique cross-sport and cross-world rivalry between an influencer turned boxer and an accomplished MMA fighter stepping into the boxing ring. The fight is scheduled to take place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, and the anticipation is high among fans and viewers.


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