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Neo-Nazi group is trying to build a white ethnostate in New England

By Lee Cleveland, FightSaga - April 26, 2023

According to Rolling Stone, a neo-Nazi group is trying to build a white ethnostate in New England, as detected by Task Force Butler – an anti-fascist research organization.

Task Force Butler is accusing the gang NSC-131 of perpetrating acts of terrorism, including discrimination against religious and racial minorities, LGBTQIA+ members, and any other individuals they consider ‘enemies’.

On Tuesday, an organization released a 300-page report, offering guidance on how law enforcement and prosecutors can improve their tactics to take civil and criminal legal actions.

“They are white separatists. They want to use violence to make New England white,” Task Force Butler’s CEO Kris Goldsmith said.

Christopher Hood, in his early twenties, leads NSC-131 (Nationalist Social Club-Anti-Communist Action). He is associated with the Three Percenters militia as well as Proud Boys group. However, Patriot Front is the main originator of NSC-131, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

“They embrace Nazi ideology and Nazi iconography,” says Goldsmith, “because they feel it has a more immediate impact on promoting their desired race war.”

According to the manifesto posted by NSC-131 on Telegram, only revolutionary changes in our political order can solve the problems facing us. To that end, the group calls for radical solutions to address these challenges.

“By using the Swastika and the symbols of dreaded Nazi Germany … we place ourselves in the most stark opposition possible to everything that we would change in modern society,” the manifesto reads.

“We become less fringe with every successful action, our presence normalizes the impossible,” the manifesto continues, adding, “We remind our people that it is Nazism to oppose White demographic replacement. It is Nazism to oppose Drag Queen Story Hour and Critical Race Theory.”

According to Task Force Butler’s report, “NSC-131 is not deterred from engaging in terroristic violence by current piecemeal, local legal accountability efforts.” Its members “typically face local charges at most, and are often charged with misdemeanors which are later dismissed or carry little to no consequences.”

Read the full report on Rolling Stone.


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