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MTG’s national divorce idea: Even Steve Bannon was enraged

By Lee Cleveland - February 25, 2023

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s suggestion that the United States should separate into two countries based on political ideology has caused quite a stir among leaders of both parties. And while many MAGA Republicans agreed with Greene, at least one of its leaders doesn’t.

Right-wing media executive and political strategist Steve Bannon was asked on his popular show today:

“You know, you see the state of California splitting up. They want to split up that state. Then I think I’ve heard Marjorie Taylor Greene talking about this, splitting up the red states for blue states. What do you what do you foresee?”

Bannon replied:

“If there’s anything in anything that I am 1,000,000% opposed to, it’s this entire concept.

“And here’s why. I was raised [from] a very small boy in Richmond, Virginia. So I probably know the history of the Confederacy as well as anybody, and I think we settled all that back in 1865.”

“We don’t have time. We’re at war right now. We’re in an internal war with the administrative state, the secular paganism of the Gaia movement, that climate change movement. We’re at war now being sucked into a third world war on the Eurasian landmass with the Chinese Communist Party in the KGB. The world has and you got transhumanism coming. We have never had a bigger inflection point of all human history. We don’t have time or luxury for sideshows.”

In addition to his usual conspiratorial nonsense, Bannon actually said something wise:

“This country is not going to split up. You might as well go to Arlington National Cemetery and go over to the section of the veterans at Gettysburg and spit on their graves as they even mention that this country would be split apart.”

Later in the discussion, Bannon added, “They’re more MAGA Republicans, more Trump Republicans in California than in Florida and Texas combined.”

While that comment might be an exaggeration, the minority party in most states comprises at least one-third of the population in those states so Greene’s comment was silly in many ways. For instance, in blue state California Trump received 35 percent of the vote in 2020 while in red state Texas Biden garnered 47 percent.

So, in addition to ‘spitting on the graves’ of our veterans, a national divorce would be difficult to attain because there are large swaths of Democrats and Republicans in nearly every state.