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McDonald’s: Not cheap anymore… Anyone notice?

By Lee Cleveland - January 6, 2023

Remember when you could go to McDonald’s and get a meal for a few dollars? Eating there was far from the most healthy option but if you were short on funds, McDonald’s was the place.

For convience and affordability, it was head and shoulders above the rest.

… But, not anymore.

Several weeks ago, Braden Bjella published the article on DailyDot.com, ‘It’s officially not convenient or affordable anymore,’ to address the subject.

He wrote about what some of us had already been thinking – McDonald’s isn’t McCheap anyomore.

Citing a video with over 125,000 views, Bjella discusses a video by TikTok user Topher Olive (@topherolive) that shows us the price of a meal the latter purchased from McDonald’s recently. The meal consisted of a deluxe double quarter pounder with bacon, large fries, and a drink.

And the cost for the above purchase was a whopping $16.10.

“I get there’s a labor shortage,” stated the TikTok user. I get there’s wage increases and a number of other things, but $16?” asks Topher.

Are the price hikes inflation-related and just temporary or are they here to stay?

Answer: Probably the latter.

Have you noticed the upgrades at many McDonald’s restaurants? … The cushy sheats, large screen TVs, lavish self-order machines, and elegant walls with upgraded decor.

… And, umm, those fancy coffee drinks.

Has McDonald’s gone the way of Starbucks?

These days, when you dine at McDonald’s you’re also paying for the atmosphere and all the bling that comes with it.

Would you still be insulted if you were treated to McDonald’s on a first, second or third date?


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