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Man arrested for illegally piercing his son’s ear (Video)

By Lee Cleveland, FightSaga - April 25, 2023

On Thursday, an Arkansas father was apprehended and is now facing a felony charge for illegally piercing his son’s ear.

The events that unfolded started with a welfare check initiated by the Tontitown Police Department in response to a report made by an officer from Springdale High School regarding a student who mentioned to other students that his intoxicated father “put him in a choke hold and shoved the piercing in his ear,” cops said in a statement.

Jeremy Sherland, aged 45, admitted to piercing his son’s ear. When approached by officers, though, he refused to let them speak with the child and declined to answer any further questions.

Subsequently, the police returned in greater numbers with an arrest warrant given by the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office, leading to the chaos that was documented on video.

A TikTok shared by Sherland’s son showed four officers pinning the father against a wall and handcuffing him in their own home. They were expressionless as they took action.

I wanted my ears pierced,” Sherland’s son is heard yelling at officers in the now-viral video.

Sherland’s wife was overcome with confusion and immediately ran to the officers inquiring as to why they had entered their home. She asked for a reason and demanded to know what gave them the right to arrest her husband.

“Why are you doing this,” Sherland’s son asked the officers while they were manhandling his father.

In the midst of the pandemonium, a law enforcement official clarifies to the female that her husband was being taken into custody for practicing “body art without a permit”.

To this, Sherland laughed hysterically.

Police attempted to remove the father from his house but he resisted, causing police to push him out of the front door.

Officers led the enraged father down the road with his wife and son following, both completely shocked by the scene unfolding before them.

“It takes three cops, four cops, coming into my house with no permission. No permission and busted in my front door,” his wife screams at the cops as they move toward their vehicles with her cuffed husband.

“I wanted my ears pierced,” Sherland’s son yells at the officers as they place his dad in the patrol car.

The officers did not engage with Sherland’s wife or son as they escorted him to the patrol car.

The ear-piercing father posted bond and was released after spending two nights in jail.

It’s strictly against the law in Arkansas to give body art to a person under 16, even with parental consent. Violating this rule is classified as a Class D felony.

Also, Sherland had no official license to do body art, and therefore, it was illegal for him to practice it in any facility that lacked certification.

Additionally, the father was held responsible for putting a minor in danger, declining to submit to police apprehension, and hindering governmental operations.

Sherland was released on a $1,500 bond Saturday after spending two nights in the Washington County jail, according to online records.

After spending two nights in the Washington County jail, Sherland was released on a $1,500 bond Saturday. The release was made possible by a court ruling which allowed for the individual to be released on bail, despite the severity of their alleged crime. This ruling comes at a time when many are questioning whether or not cash bail is necessary for those accused of crimes.

“Officers told Jeremy he was under arrest and explained the probable cause for the arrest. Jeremy refused to comply. Officers then took him into custody,” the statement read.

The video is below.

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