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Man arrested for giggling. Seriously? (Viral Video)

By Lee Cleveland - December 20, 2022

Was this necessary?

When a cop pulls over a driver, he reminds the latter he has the power to take him to jail over an ‘unsigned registration.’

“… That’s actually up to 6 six months in jail,” the cop added.

Understandably, the driver giggled. Who would go so low as to arrest someone for something so frivolous as an unsigned registration?

Well, the cop did just that in response to the chuckle.

Most police are brave and wonderful servants but sometimes the few, like this one, ruin it for the many.

Had the driver insulted the cop’s mother or cursed him out, I’d cut the policeman some slack. But, c’mon… Arrest and detainment for an unsigned registration?

At most, the driver should have received an additional ticket for having not signed on the dotted line; And even that would have been a bit egregious.

Police are supposed to de-escalate situations not ignite them.

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