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How close is the U.S. to becoming a dictatorship? Why all Democrats MUST vote in 2024

By Lee Cleveland - February 19, 2023

Election 2020 may have been the most important election-related event of our lifetimes to date.

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Maybe it’s cliche but the 2024 races will be the new ‘most important election cycle’ of our lifetimes. After all, American divisiveness has gotten worse and MAGA Republicans are absolutely unhinged.

It is likely that either Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis will emerge as the Republican nominee. Even though they have an intense rivalry with each other, they both abide by the same type of brutal political philosophy and conveniently ignore laws when they are able.

At this moment, Trump is probably the worst of two evils. While in office, he tried to start unprovoked wars (Mexico and Venezuela), wanted peaceful protesters to be shot (George Floyd events), and refused to relinquish power after losing the 2020 Election. And via social media, it seems Trump has been indirectly calling for a MAGA rise-up for quite some time.

Earlier this week, he posted, “Our Country does not have long to live, or even survive. We better WIN in 2024!”

Trump has proven to be dangerous but DeSantis shouldn’t be underestimated. Unlike Trump, who’ll try to become a dictator overnight without regard for the repercussions, DeSantis would likely move slower and methodically but in the same direction nevertheless.

With the Supreme Court and Congress, the United States has always had checks and balances in place to prevent a coup. However, we’ll more than likely be looking at a biased Court as Republicans control it 6-3. And keep in mind, 4 of the 6 right-leaning justices are full-blown MAGA. And while Chief Justice John Roberts is a right-leaning centrist who is no stranger to siding with the liberals, his votes won’t be enough if Amy Coney Barrett, a traditional conservative, sides with the MAGA faction.

And in Congress, Democrats face a difficult road. They’ll need to flip 10 seats to regain control of the House while the odds of them holding on to the Senate will be low. There will be 33 U.S. Senate seats contested and Democrats will be doing FAR more defending than challenging.

Imagine MAGA in control of the Supreme Court, both House of Congress, and the presidency. And, yes, it’s a real possibility.

Is it syncing in yet?

They’d be a very powerful minority.

And even if President Biden wins a fair and square re-election, a MAGA-controlled Congress will likely call it a “robbery” if it’s anywhere near close. And with the help of the Supreme Court, loopholes in our system could be used to overturn a fair election. In 2020, Trump tried to exploit those loopholes but had to fight against a Democrat-controlled Congress and a Supreme Court that understood anointing Trump to the presidency would be too egregious without the Congress’s blessing.

“These people still believe that the 2020 election was “stolen” and “rigged,” and they expect “payback” in 2024, whether they actually win or not,” wrote Jason Miciak in his article Trump Just Posted Something So Terrifying on Truth Social, Ensuring 2024 Is the Most Dangerous Election in History: ‘We Don’t Have Long to Live!’

“Tell your supporters that the country will not survive if you lose in 2024,” he added. “Get a bunch of people, armed to the teeth, convinced that if Trump isn’t in the White House, the country will die. Sounds like a recipe for Civil War to me.”

Control of Congress is a big deal and Republicans, despite being the minority, always seem to keep pace with Democrats because rural states are over-represented in senatorial and presidential races.

But, Democrats and left-leaners have very one powerful thing working in their favor – A clear majority versus MAGA, non-MAGA Republicans, and those two groups combined.

Voter turnout among Democrats and left-leaning independents will be even more crucial in 2024 than was the case in 2020, and left-learners and anti-MAGA moderates CAN control their own fate by 1) voting in high numbers, 2) politically engaging non-informed voters and folks on the fence, and getting known left-leaners registered and to the polls.

Democrats have the numbers to win the House and retain the presidency in 2024. And it doesn’t have to be close.

It’s all about the execution.