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“Go back to your country” – Ann Coulter unleashes ugly, racist rant

By Lee Cleveland - February 17, 2023

In an appearance on the “The Mark Simone Show” podcast this week, extremist pundit Ann Coulter didn’t hold back her views on new Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, the previous governor of South Carolina who was born in the U.S. to Indian immigrant parents.

“Why don’t you go back to your own country?” the angry blogger exclaimed.

“Her candidacy did remind me that I need to immigrate to India so I can demand they start taking down parts of their history,” she added.

“What’s with the worshipping of the cows? They’re all starving over there. Did you know they have a rat temple, where they worship rats?”

Seriously, Ann?

Are you 61 or 6?

What an odious and obnoxious person.

As governor of South Carolina, Haley advocated removing the Confederate flag from the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse in the wake of the deadly 2015 mass shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.

Perhaps Coulter should have simply stated she didn’t agree with Haley’s views on removing the Confederate Flag and, as a result, wouldn’t be supporting her.

But no, she proved she was every bit as hateful as the Confederate Flag by unleashing personal and racist insults.

How primitive?

And Coulter’s reaction is exactly why that flag and many Confederate monuments have been removed. That type of response not only hurts her but also stymies her cause (which is racist and hateful, to begin with).

People who are initially “undecided” on Confederate monuments hear the vile of racists like Coulter and subsequently side with removing them.

Keep talking, Ann.

Maybe you should go back to YOUR country?

Oh wait, the Confederacy doesn’t exist.