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Desperate? Creative Russian ad seeks “real men” to enlist (Video)

By Lee Cleveland, FightSaga - June 8, 2023

The Russian government’s efforts to find enough soldiers to sustain the war against Ukraine have not been successful. Consequently, they have resorted to more forceful and creative tactics in order to get Russian men to enlist in Putin’s war.

Latest message: In times of war, real men aren’t security guards, fitness trainers, or even taxi drivers. “Real men” safeguard the nation.

Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry unveiled a new promotional drive to convince middle-aged men to enlist instead of being conscripted, perhaps indirectly insisting they weren’t “real men” if they continued in their day-to-day jobs.

A short clip spread across different social media accounts of the ministry on Wednesday showcased three men completing their daily tasks and performing their seemingly ordinary roles. With a dramatic soundtrack in the background, all three of them seem to daydream about becoming a soldier in Russia’s ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine.

“You are a real man. Be one,” the message tells viewers prior to calling for them to sign up as contract soldiers with a promised monthly salary starting at 204,000 rubles (nearly $2,500) — seemingly a significant sum in Russia.

In stark contrast to their alluring marketing campaigns, the actual situation for those involved is, of course, much more dire.

How disappointed will those future soldiers be when they learn that service in the Russian military bears no resemblance to the video?

It’s a total glorification of wartime service by a government that treats its military more like hardened criminals than real soldiers… err.. “real men.”

In fact, the “smart men” were the ones who had an opportunity to leave early on – and took it.

The video is below.