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Crawford vs Spence 2: Rematch date(s) that are realistic



On the heels of his dominating performance over Errol Spence, Terence Crawford insists he’d be happy to accommodate his foe’s request for an immediate rematch, whether at welterweight or jr middleweight.

Their fight Saturday had a rematch clause and Spence, for now, intends to exercise his right to use it.

Spence said after the fight, “Hell yeah, we got to do it again.”

“I’m going to be a lot better, it’s going to be a lot closer.”

“It’s probably going to be in December because it’s set before the end of the year.”

If Errol is correct and there are no major issues, the most optimistic tentative Crawford vs Spence 2 dates are December 2, 9, or 16.

Of course, this is boxing so there will be issues. Things almost NEVER happen on time.

As a result, should this rematch happen immediately, January 6, February 3, and 17 are the earliest most realistic dates (The NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl have a lock on weekends from January 13-27 and February 10.

Sure, they could stage the fight on the eve of the Big Game but any post-fight reporting would be drowned out by all of the Super Bowl melee.

In all, IF the rematch happens immediately, the earliest most likely dates are January 6, February 3, and 17.

If I’m a promoter, I’m looking at February 17th. It would give the fighters more than enough time to rest and enjoy the Holidays, and the promoters enough time to build a strong undercard and publicize the event.

How about an ad during the Super Bowl six days prior?

Also, that weekend is the first without football so casual fans will be without a major sporting event.

Of course, all of this is contingent on whether there’s enough public interest in a Crawford vs Spence rematch.

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