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Butterbean’s weight loss: Almost 200 lbs?



Boxing icon Butterbean, whose real name is Eric Esch, has undergone an incredible body transformation by losing 90 kilograms (198 lbs).

The 57-year-old former pro boxer has been on a vigorous exercise regime since appearing on a show the previous year, resulting in him shedding a significant amount of weight. He now weighs 142 kilograms, which is 91 kilograms less than his previous high of 233 kilograms.

The weight loss has been a remarkable turnaround for the 77-10 fighter, who admitted that his weight had led him to feel depressed. However, with the transformation, he is now feeling more optimistic and ready to return to the boxing ring.

Butterbean has his sights set on potential opponents such as Mike Tyson or Jake Paul.

He mentioned that he is not a typical boxer and prefers to go out there to fight and knock someone out.

He expressed interest in taking on Jake Paul, who he believes talks too much and hasn’t faced any real challenges in the boxing world.

As for Mike Tyson, although they are friends, Butterbean doesn’t mind the idea of fighting him, seeing it as a potentially big draw for boxing fans.

Regardless, it’s going to take a lot to get the 57-year-old Butterbean in the kind of “fighting” shape he was in 15 years ago. Moreover, how has the tremendous weight loss impacted his major asset – punching power?

Does he still have the power he had when he was much heavier?

Jake Paul, huh?

Paul against the Butterbean of 15 to 25 years ago would have been very interesting.

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