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Billy Baldwin tweets to Scott Adams: “This is consequences”

By Lee Cleveland - February 28, 2023

Scott Adams, the renowned American author and cartoonist behind the massively successful Dilbert comic strip has often stirred controversy with his views on social and political issues. But, he recently went too far for the liking of various news outlets and distributors, forcing many to drop Dilbert.

Was Scott a victim of ‘Wokeness?’

It appears Scott canceled himself as it’s no wonder very few big-name publishers, if any, would want to associate with him after that.

Hey fellas, call your wife or girlfriend a fat pig in front of a bunch of people and you’ll learn firsthand about something called “consequences.” Don’t be surprised if she leaves you just as Scott’s publishers siloed him.

Newsflash: The are repercussions for our actions; for what we say and do.

So, what about free speech?

Adams freely expressed an opinion and isn’t going to jail as a result of using that right. HOWEVER, publishers are also free to exercise their right to cut business ties with him.

And they are.

Twitter influencer Billy Baldwin said it best below:

Below are some of the replies to Baldwin’s tweet: