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Angry ‘slave master’ unleashes anti-Asian, anti-gay hate at peaceful couple dining (Video)

By Lee Cleveland - December 26, 2022

While dining at an In-N-Out location in San Ramon, California, on Christmas Eve, a pair of Asian friends became the targets of racist and homophobic comments from an angry man who claimed to be a “slave master.”

The couple, a young female and male, were filming themselves when the idiot approached and began harassing them.

“Are you guys filming yourselves eating?” the man said behind the camera. “You’re weird homosexuals.”

Not wanting any trouble, the pair brushed off the comments and tried to continue to enjoy themselves but the racist was determined to spoil their evening.

“Are you Japanese or Korean?” the man asked. The young American man of Asian descent replied that he is Korean.

“You’re Kim Jong-Un’s boyfriend?,” the fool responded.

“You had gay sex before.”

In a response that was ABSOLUTELY CLASSIC, the young man jokingly replied, “Yeah, we have been acquainted. We’re only on second base. He hasn’t taken me out to dinner yet.”


My friend and i were filming his reaction to my in-n-out order when this happened… #arinekim

♬ original sound – arine kim

Perhaps irritated by the young man’s good humor in the face of unsolicited hate, the racist replied, “Normally I could spit on your face. That’s some Filipino sht,” the man claimed. “You want some Filipino sht?

Once again, the friends attempted to shrug off the comments but the man, obviously with nothing else better to do, continued his little rant.

“I’m a slave master, you f*cking pig,” the man said. “See you outside in a minute. See you outside and what I can do to him.”

The friends waited until the restaurant closed before leaving as employees made sure they made it to their vehicle without issue. By then, the man was gone.

“Honestly, if I didn’t record it, I wouldn’t have believed that it happened because, even some of the words he said, in the heat of the moment, I didn’t realize he called himself a slave master. I completely blanked out [as] he threatened to spit on us as well,” the young woman told KTVU.

The TikTok post caught the attention of the San Ramon Police Department and it’s subsequently on the lookout for a man driving a silver Mustang with Florida license plates.

It’s believed the same man harassed others in a similar fashion earlier in the day.

UPDATE: Per Raw Story – the San Ramon Police Department announced that they had arrested a suspect, Jordan Douglas Krah, 40, of Denver, Colorado for violating California’s hate crime laws. Krah is currently being interviewed by police, and he will be booked into Martinez County Jail,” reported Tori Gaines and Amanda Hari. “


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