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Ana Walshe Disappearance: Updates

By Lee Cleveland - January 18, 2023

Brian Walshe has recently been charged with murdering his wife, Ana Walshe, a 39-year-old mother of three who hasn’t been seen since a New Year’s party at their Cohasset, Massachusetts home.

What’s new: The assistant district attorney said Wednesday that DNA evidence on a pair of slippers, clothes, and a tyvek disposable suit led investigators to believe, “Brian Walshe dismembered and later discarded” his wife’s body.

Also, and just as damning, Brian Walshe’s Internet search records reveal he looked for information detailing ways to dismember and dispose of a body and ‘how long before a body starts to smell,’ prosecutors said at a Wednesday arraignment.

Walshe, 47, has pled not guilty.

The accused was already in custody and held on $500,000 bail after allegedly purposely misleading investigators in their attempts to find his wife. Walshe was also on probation pending sentencing for selling fraudulent Andy Warhol paintings in 2021.

And there’s more shadiness surrounding the husband. Apparently, he’d made threatening statements to or about his wife in the past.

She is (or was) the mother of three children and, according to reports, a very kind person. Why not just get a divorce if it’s not working out?

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