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Larry Holmes vs Trevor Berbick street fight (1991) facts & video



Larry Holmes vs Trevor Berbick Street fight

April 7, 1991

Location: Hollywood, FL

  • Larry Holmes’ street fight with Trevor Berbick took place moments after Holmes vs Anderson, Larry’s first bout since being KO’d by Mike Tyson three years prior. It was, in fact, Holmes’ comeback bout in what was a fairly lengthy and successful return to the ring for the fight legend.

  • Holmes KO’d Tim ‘Doc’ Anderson with a body shot in Round 1  

  • In the post-fight presser, Holmes was asked whether he would consider Berbick as a future opponent. With Berbick in the audience, Holmes said he would not fight him.

  • “I don’t like his attitude,” said Holmes. “I beat him 15 of 15 rounds; maybe he won 1 round.”

  • “He used his sweetheart to mess up my married life!” Berbick shouted. “Jenny from Jacksonville. I got proof and tapes. All the problems I have been through him. My kids are suffering, too.”

  • The 41-year-old Larry Holmes and Trevor Berbick, after a heated verbal exchange during the post-fight press conference, rumbled on the street moments later in front of the Diplomat Hotel.

  • Part of the brawl was not caught on tape as Berbick, who appeared intoxicated, can be seen insisting to police and onlookers “Larry Holmes kicked me and punched me.”

  • Remarkably, seconds after Berbick’s brief rant, Larry Holmes can be seen jumping over a car and landing on Berbick in the midst on spectators caught in the melee. Holmes pummeled him until the police arrived and broke it up

  • “Larry Holmes came rushing out,” said Victor Stephenson, a valet parking employee for the hotel. “He kicked and punched Berbick and Berbick ran out onto the street. Larry Holmes kept kicking and punching him.”
  • Ironically, the pair had met in the ring 10 years prior. Holmes, then the heavyweight champion, cruised to a unanimous decision win over 15 rounds. Berbick, however, was the first title challenger to go the distance with Holmes.

  • There were no arrests

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