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Devon Alexander vs Victor Ortiz: Career crossroads

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There comes a time for all us when we have to make a stand.

Maybe we are backed against wall or faced with an impossible decision. Either way, we are forced to bet on ourselves. We choose a path and are confident that we have made the right choice. Many of us have had to traverse many crossroads in life.

Devon Alexander and Victor Ortiz at a crossroads in their careers. One path offers another shot at glory, relevancy, big paydays and title opportunities while the other serves as the road to mid-level purgatory where once highly-touted fighters are relegated to gatekeeper roles and stepping stones for new talent on the rise.

Alexander and Ortiz are at a crucial turning point in the career and need a win. Let's break down these fighters and how they got to this point.

Victor Ortiz
Victor Ortiz is one of the most polarizing figures in boxing as people love him or hate him. In the ring, he is an exciting young man with a come-forward, crowd-pleasing style.

Handsome and charismatic, Ortiz has crossover appeal and has had roles in The Expendables 3, Dancing with the Stars and Hawaii 5-0. He is never in a boring fight and has an incredible back story. But in the ring, experts have questioned his desire. Let's not forget, he was accused of quitting against Marcos Maidana and Josesito Lopez and he intentionally fouled Floyd Mayweather prior to being knocked out when in the act of over-apologizing.

For someone who was once considered to be the heir to Oscar De La Hoya, Ortiz's star has dulled quite a bit .He has lost 4 of his last seven fights, and has only fought once a year in the last 4 years. His last fight was in July of 2017; A knock out victory over over Saul Corral. In order to get his career back on track, Victor has to beat Devon Alexander on February 17 in El Paso, Texas.

Devon Alexander
Devon Alexander is a slick, smooth southpaw boxer who can also punch a bit. He has good defense but does not run. Moreover, he boasts a good chin and has never been stopped inside the distance sans his 2011 bout with Tim Bradley when he suffered a cut resulting from several accidental head clashes. Alexander, who has had a stretch of bad luck, will fight anyone.

Devon entered the pro ranks with a lot of hype thanks to his impressive 300-10 amateur record. And he lived up to the hype early, winning his first 21 fights. His first setback was a loss to Timothy Bradley. However, Alexander rebounded to win four straight, defeating Lucas Matthysee and Marcos Maidana in the process. The Maidana fight looks even better in hindsight given what Marcos would eventually accomplish. But subsequent losses to Shawn Porter, Amir Khan and lightly-regarded Aaron Martinez has Devon's career on the ropes. Is he past his beat?

Alexander needs to win in order to regain lost momentum and elevate his status in the brutally tough welterweight division.

On February 17 in El Paso Texas, two men will go to war trying to keep their careers afloat. Many questions will be anwsered. Ir Ortiz a shot fighter? Are his Hollywood projects distracting from his boxing? Was Devon Alexander overrated?

Alexander vs Ortiz will anwser all of those questions and more. I, for one, am excited to see who gives himself the chance to resurrect his career.

DeMarkus Jones

My name is DeMarkus Jones and I am an amatuer boxer, trained in MuayThai and a 3rd degree black belt in Karate. I am a combat sports enthusiast and historian residing in Houston, Texas. If I'm not watching boxing or reading about boxing, I am probably in the gym myself.