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Adrien Broner: Why AB might be getting another title shot despite recent loss

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Those who thought Adrien Broner's (33-3, 24 KO) loss to Mikey Garcia in July would be the end of AB on the big stage were wrong.

According to Alex Vaysfeld, manager of newly-crowned WBO light welterweight champion Sergey Lipinets, Broner might get a title shot in March against the young belt-holder.

"The next fight will be held in March, it will be a defense against Broner," Vaysfeld said via BoxingScene.com.

In July, Mikey Garcia (37-0, 30 KO) defeated a focused, in-shape Adrien Broner via a unanimous decision. It was an impressive display by Mikey who used fine footwork, angles, superior speed and accuracy, and a higher activity rate to convincingly outbox his foe.

And it was a solid, but not dominant, victory as Mikey won by the scores of 117-111 and 116-112 (twice).

Today, some fans are incensed by the news of a possible Broner vs Lipinets showdown, insisting Adrien doesn't deserve a title shot.

So, is Broner worthy of another title shot? After all, he's dropped 2 of his last 5 fights including his most recent bout?

Answer: Of course

Yes, boxing is a business too
Adrien Broner is a showman who garners a lot of interest when he fights. And interest equates to revenue, and a lot of both is healthy for the sport.

Adored and vilified, controversial bad boys tend to draw.

Floyd Mayweather isn't the highest paid fighter ever because fans adore his fighting style. It's his high level of controversy, outside-the-ring antics, charisma and hip-hoppish persona that made him must-see TV and an international star.

Message to fighters and promoters: If you want to get paid, appeal to boxing fans. If you want to be rich, appeal to the masses.

Adrien Broner is a far cry from Floyd Mayweather but AB sells tickets and generates headlines.

Team Lipinets - The ultimate beneficiary?
Fans shouldn't think about the presumptive title shot as a "gift" for Broner. Team Lipinets wants this fight. It understands a win over Broner would thrust their fighter's market value and overall recognition. 

In a sense, Lipinets & Co. seeks to use Broner as means to an end, and shouldn't be blamed for fighting him.

Why face 'Jon Doe' for pennies when you can fight a big name in front of a large audience, get a hefty purse and substantially increase your market value overnight if you're victorious?

Broner's credentials
Adrien Broner is a four-division world champion so he's not exactly chopped liver. How many fighters have held legitimate world titles in four weight classes? In addition, he boasts wins over solid fighters such as Daniel Ponce De Leon, Antonio DeMarco, Paul Malignaggi and John Molina Jr.

And lastly, AB has only lost to top fighters (Marcos Maidana, Shawn Porter and Mikey Garcia) and has never been stopped inside the distance.

His credentials are solid. Moreover,
 popular fighters have always received title shots easier and quicker than lesser-known contenders. This is nothing new and it's not necessarily a bad thing so long as it's not egregious.

Let's face it, had Oscar De La Hoya launched a comeback last year, he could have fought Gennady Golovkin right away despite the fact he hadn't stepped in the ring in since 2009 when he was soundly beaten by Manny Pacquiao.

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