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Haye vs Bellew rematch odds: Why bettors totally dismiss first fight

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Last March, former heavyweight belt-holder David Haye was upset by Tony Bellew who was making his debut in boxing's glamour division.

A lot more flat-footed than usual, Haye was slightly ahead on points after five rounds but hurt his Achilles tendon while performing an uncomfortable move.

With limited mobility and leverage, David was little more than a sitting duck as Bellew took advantage of the situation and aggressively pursued the knockout. Badly compromised and subsequently battered, Haye would survive until the 11th when his team threw in the towel after David was sent through the ropes by a Bellew combination.

On December 17, Haye and Bellew will meet in a rematch and, once again, Haye is a strong favorite.

Haye vs Bellew rematch odds
As of October 30, David is roughly a 7/18 favorite while Bellew is the underdog at about 40/17. Hence, a $100 wager on Haye would yield $39 while the same bet on Tony would net $236.

It's rare to have a fighter get stopped inside the distance and still be tagged the heavy favorite in the immediate rematch. Obviously, bettors believe Haye's injury was a bigger factor in his losing even though Bellew was holding his own prior to the tear or rupture.

Should be odds be closer given Bellew was impressive from the start? 

... Probably not.

Haye is known for pulling out of fights. In fact, Tony had predicted Haye would either quit or cancel. As a result, it's likely Haye, given he was so uncharacteristically stationary and ploddy early on, might have entered the bout in a fairly compromised state, realizing his reputation would be at stake if he tried to postpone a bout due to injury yet again.

Perhaps an presumed affliction prior to the fight made him more vulnerable to an even worse injury?

Let's hope David is healthy for December's bout.

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