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Gennady Golovkin wife: Who is Alina?

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Tonight, the most feared boxer in the world, pound for pound, steps into the ring to face his biggest challenge.

Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin looks to turn back the challenge fighting superstar Canelo Alvarez in a battle of boxing's best.

And while the name 'Golovkin' isn't as big as Mayweather, Pacquiao or Tyson, rest-assured you'll be hearing a lot more about Gennady going forward.

True boxing fans are privy to Golovkin's legendary sparring sessions, the punching power, the deep amateur pedigree and the comparisons (as a middleweight) to heavyweight legend Mike Tyson... But little is known about Gennady Golovkin's wife, Alina.

Who is the beautiful Alina Golovkin?

For starters, she keeps a very low profile. In fact, she gave birth to their second child a few days ago while her husband was making last-minute preparations for tonight's big fight.

We don't know a lot about her other than she's from Gennady's native Kazakhstan and the couple lives in California. And according to several sources, she's a former model.

Also, like many boxers' wives, she doesn't want her man to fight forever, and recently hinted she would like to see Gennady retire soon so he can spend more time with his family.

alinagolovkinLast summer, TMZ asked 35-year-old Gennady Golovkin if the rumors were true that he could possibly 'hang 'em up after tonight's fight, and the boxer replied, "This is a question for my wife!"

And Alina chimed, "I need time with you!"

Earlier this week, as reported by USA Today, when Gennady was asked if he would leave training to be with his wife to welcome the birth of their daughter, he replied angrily:

“Can you please not ask me more about my family?” he said. “It is just, different. My focus is on boxing. Boxing – business. Family is different.”

The public may never know a lot about Alina and their children, and that's the way it should be given Gennady desires their privacy.

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