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Broner vs Garcia: Daniel Jacobs thinks AB was up

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Some things are better left not said.

All the credibility and respect bestowed upon red hot middleweight Daniel Jacobs earlier this year could be gone.

Jacobs, of course, became the first and only fighter to date to wage war competitively with Gennady Golovkin, boxing's most dominant fighter the last 5 years.

Daniel thought he deserved the win against Triple G and, to his credit, it was a very close fight. Moreover, and throughout boxing history, fighters who lose close, hard-fought decisions ALWAYS insist they should have won.

That's nothing new and there's absolutely no shame in that.... But what is shameful is Jacobs's latest decry.

Fight Hub TV and ES News caught up with Jacobs Saturday night at Barclay Center seconds after Mikey Garcia's win over Adrien Broner and Daniel unleashed some interesting rhetoric.

"Wow! Controversial."

"I mean, I don't know if I agree with that [the decision]. It was a good fight. I thought AB might have been up but I could have been a little biased. I was pulling for AB."

A little biased or a little blind?

At least Jacobs admitted he was a bit biased, but that's hardly foregivable given Garcia's supremacy Saturday night.

Of course, Mikey Garcia won a comfortable decision by the scores of 117-111 and 116-112 (twice). And if there was any controversy, it was the 116-112 scores which I think were a bit generous, although reasonable.

It was an impressive display of shot selection, technique, speed and discipline by Mikey who outclassed his foe from start to finish.

Garcia stood in front of Broner most of the fight but kept Adrien at bay with combinations and by moving at angles. Most of the time, Garcia was punching while Broner was covering up and telling Mikey his shots weren't hurting him.... That was the story of the entire fight.

Per, Garcia landed 244 of 783 total punches (31 percent) to Broner’s 125 of 400 (31 percent. And in powershots, Garcia's edge was even greater with Mikey connecting on 152 of 328 (46 percent) and Broner landing 72 of 161 (45 percent).

So, does Jacobs lose credibility with his comment?

There is no questioning his ring prowess. Daniel is a world class fighter. However, should he voice his opinion about future verdicts, this will undoubtedly come back to haunt him as fans and media will say, "But he's the lone spectator who thought Broner deserved the nod against Garcia."

Leroy Cleveland

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