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Broner vs Garcia predictions: Sizzling forecasts

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It's one of the hottest match-ups of 2017.... Adrien Broner vs Mikey Garcia.

The pair will meet in the ring Saturday night in NYC for a 12-round affair. And while there's not a major title on the line, the result will (partially) impact the landscape of three divisions (lightweight, super lightweight and welterweight) and create a new and serious powerbroker in the sport.

Garcia vs Broner is getting a lot of buzz for good reason.

Garcia vs Broner odds
As expected, Garcia is the favorite. However, he opened as an unusually high favorite ( 5-1) despite the fact he's moving up in weight and has had only two fights since his 2 1/2 year hiatus from boxing.

As of July 22, bet365 had Garcia as a 3/10 favorite and Adrien the 5/2 underdog. Hence, a successful $100 bet on Broner would payout $250 while the same winning bet on Garcia would yield $30.

SkyBet had the same odds.

But don't let the betting line fool you. Garcia vs Broner has the makings of a classic, especially given yesterday's weigh-in. Broner tipped the scale at a ripped 138 lbs and appears to be more focused and dedicated than we've seen him in years.

So, who are you picking tonight?

Broner vs Garcia predictions

Ashley Theophane
Welterweight contender

Lost to Broner in 2016


"He [Broner] is very strong and that was the difference between us. I've had 11 KO's out of 40 wins so I'm not very powerful, it's not my strength, but when he hit me I felt it."

"Going into the fight, I was sparring a lot of skillful, fast guys. My trainer told me he had crazy strength and I didn't really believe it. That was the difference, I prepared for the speed and skills but not the power. Just had to bite down and get through it."

Interesting... Keep in mind Marcos Maidana told trainer Robert Garcia Broner was the strongest figter he'd ever faced.

"He sets everything up for power so doesn't throw a lot, so he isn't active enough and can be outworked - that's his downfall. Broner has fast hands and is explosive, but those power shots take the energy out of him and he has to then recover and bide his time."

"I'm going for Mikey just slightly, it's an even fight, they both have skills and power. My pick is mainly because of Broner's inactivity in rounds and he can be outworked. Garcia is more active and throws some nice, clean shots."

Broner vs Garcia Prediction: Garcia on points

Liam Brady
Staff Writer
Source: Round by Round Boxing

"One thing that stood out to me was the fact Broner’s résumé, as of late, consists of opponents that can be defined as pressure fighters–such as Adrian Granados, Shawn Porter and John Molina."

"Arguably his last foe who was more of a boxer, rather than an aggressor, was Paulie Malignaggi, who caused Broner problems with his jab–and made it a competitive fight."

"It’s clear Broner hasn’t come up against someone like Garcia recently, which suggests he is suited more against pressure fighters, thus making Garcia a challenging opponent. However, interestingly, Garcia’s résumé shows that he hasn’t faced someone with Broner’s style, and likewise, he has mostly faced aggressors (like Dejan Zlaticanin and Orlando Salido to name a few)."

"I think Garcia will take a few rounds to adapt to Broner’s style, and then his (arguably) superior technique, footwork, and timing will help him break away as the fight reaches the championship rounds. Garcia’s movement and pivots will provide a very different situation for Broner, who is used to fighters coming towards him, and he may have to chase the fight and come out of his shell in order to sway the judges, which will be crucial in a fight with very close rounds."

Garcia vs Broner Prediction: Garcia (presumably by UD)

Leonard Ellerbe
CEO for Mayweather Promotions/ Former top tier amateur heavyweight
Source: At the Fights

Even prior to the weigh-in, Ellerbe insisted Broner is operating at another level these days and is using Team Garcia's unflattering remarks and years widespread criticism by fans and media to fuel his motivation and desire for redemption.

“I’m really, really looking forward to this fight and have been for quite some time,” Ellerbe told co-hosts Gerry Cooney and Randy Gordon during SiriusXM’s most recent episode of “At the Fights” on Monday night.

“And I’m really looking forward to it because I’m of the mindset I love to see an underdog rise to the occasion. And in this particular case, I’m very confident that’s what’s gonna happen Saturday night. Adrien Broner’s a big underdog coming into Saturday night, and I expect him to prove all the naysayers wrong.”

“It’s business, but it’s also personal because there’s been a lot of disrespectful things that have been said throughout the promotion, where there have been certain media members, along with the Garcia camp, that said that it’s not gonna be too difficult of a fight, that he’s a better boxer than Broner, and I think some of these things Adrien has used for that bulletin-board material."

"And I expect him to go out Saturday night and really put the exclamation point to this fight come Saturday night.”

Without predicting how Adrien would win, Ellerbe is guaranteeing the upset.

Garcia vs Broner Prediction: Broner

Joseph Rodriguez
Staff Writer
Round by Pound Boxing

"I expect the fight to be highly competitive for the first eight rounds or so for two main reasons; Mikey Garcia usually takes a few rounds to figure out his opponent and both fighters are not considered pressure fighters."

"As the fight progresses into the mid-to-late rounds I believe Garcia will begin to break Broner down mentally. Broner will become increasingly frustrated as he is not able to land effectively. Broner will look to push the fight and pressure Garcia but will leave himself open to Garcia’s counter attack."

Broner vs Garcia Prediction: Garcia by UD

Abel Sanchez
Elite trainer
Source: Dante's Nation

"Mikey Garcia should win but dont sleep on Adrien Broner." Broner is a dangerous fight. I wouldn’t be surprised it was a split or majority decision/"

Abel also thinks Mikey's discipline in training, his overall approach to his craft and a presumed superior focus might be the difference in the fight.

Broner vs Garcia Prediction: Garcia pulls out a close one

Adrian Granados
Welterweight contender
Lost to Broner in February
Source: The Cornermen Radio

"I think its a great fight. I think a lot of people are underestimating Adrien Broner and overestimating Mikey Garcia. He [Mikey] is a great fighter, I won’t take anything any from him. He has a great ring IQ.... But Adrien Broner is the real deal. He's a skilled fighter."

"I've never really seen Mikey in there with speed and power like Adrien Broner."

"I just believe Broner has been in there with the better talent, bigger men and bigger punchers."

Broner vs Garcia Prediction: Broner

Broner vs Garcia news
Date: July 29
Broadcast: Showtime

Division: Super lightweight
Titles: None
Rounds: 12

Lee Cleveland
Managing Editor, / Former sparring partner

Garcia vs Broner.... It doesn't get much better than this.

First and foremost, expect an improved Adrien Broner. I predicted Broner would make weight easily (for a change) and he did. He's focused and in the best shape we've seen him in quite some time. However, if I'm Team Broner, several things would concern me:

  1. Mikey's speed and boxing ability - We show how problematic the slick Paul Malignaggi was for Broner. Garcia, tonight, will be better than Paulie was in that fight and will have more on his punches. Secondly, although it was just sparring, the ultra fast Errol Spence badly hurt AB several years ago.

    How will AB handle a well-schooled technician with speed and power?
  1. Adequate Preparation - Broner deserves credit for taking this fight but was it too soon? Yes, he's more focused these days but has he had enough time to to maximize his rhythm and timing in the ring. He's had just one fight in the last 15 months and has had to deal with a lot of drama outside the ring.

And if I'm Team Garcia, several things would concern me:

  1. Size and Reach - Mikey has never faced an opponent as big, strong or powerful as Broner. Garcia is used to having a height and reach advantage but, tonight, AB will have the benefit of a longer reach. In boxing, reach is a bit like height in basketball. All things being equal, a hoopster who is 6'7" will, most of the time, have an edge over a fella who is 6'4."

    Don't be surprised if Garcia, thinking he's safe and out of range tonight, gets touched up a few times due to Adrien's reach and speed, and because he'll be able to touch Mikey at distances other foes could not.

  2. Underestimating Broner?

    Adrien didn't look good in his tight decision win over Granados in February. In fact, he hasn't been dominant since 2013. Combine those elements with AB's personal drama and it's not difficult to understand why Team Garcia moved up in weight for this fight and that their man opened as a 5 to 1 favorite.

    But let's not forget, most experts insist Adrien Broner has the tools to be the best fighter in the world. He possesses speed, power, timing, durability and an underrated boxing IQ. Adrien, for the most part, has beaten himself.

    Looking at Broner at the weigh-in and observing his actions over the past few months, he is clearly a hungrier, more focused, more fit fighter.If Team Garcia thought they'd be facing the same Broner who fought Granados in February, rest-assured they don't anymore.

Broner vs Garcia Prediction: Garcia 115-112

More predictions:

  • Broner's stock won't be impacted much because it'll be one of his best performances (considering the opposition)
  • Garcia will be rocked at least once
  • Given both fighters' style, speed and punching power, the fight will be a hardcore fan's delight but will lack the action of Broner vs Maidana and Broner vs Taylor
  • Garcia drops back down to 135 for his next fight
Leroy Cleveland

Lee is Managing Editor of, a student of the Sweet Science and longtime boxing fan.