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Garcia vs Broner odds: This could get very interesting

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Mikey Garcia and Adrien Broner are in the final stages of preparations for their major super lightweight clash which will be televised live on Showtime Saturday night.

Garcia vs Broner odds
As expected, Garcia is the favorite. However, he opened as an unusually high favorite ( 5-1) despite the fact he's moving up in weight and has had only two fights since his 2 1/2 year hiatus from boxing.

As of July 22, bet365 had Garcia as a 3/10 favorite and Adrien the 5/2 underdog. Hence, a successful $100 bet on Broner would payout $250 while the same winning bet on Garcia would yield $30.

SkyBet had the same odds.

The betting lines have tightened a bit but there's still a rather wide disparity. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to assess the observations of fans and media on Friday after the weigh-in. Broner's body is looking chiseled and he's expected to make 140 comfortably, something he hasn't done in some time.

So, why was Mikey Garcia slated as such a big favorite?

Garcia insists Broner's lack of consistency, not skill, plays a big role in the betting lines.

“People think that he’s inconsistent and maybe that’s why they consider me the favorite,” Garcia told BoxingScene.com earlier this week.

"But skills to skills, he’s one hell of a fighter. He can box, he can bang, he has speed and power. He’s one hell of a fighter. You can’t deny that. I’ve been a little more consistent with that and maybe that’s why they picked me over him.”

To Mikey's point, we've seen Broner look like a beast in the ring and we've seen him look ordinary. Nevertheless, Adrien has the physical tools to be a superstar. He's possesses fine speed and power as well as good movement, timing and durability, and Team Garcia realizes that.

Robert Garcia, Mikey's trainer and manager, told BoxingScene.com earlier this week: 

"He was very tough, strong in the late rounds [with Marcos Maidana]. In the twelfth round Maidana felt Broner's strength and power and he told us that's the strongest man he ever faced.

"That's the one thing I've always kept in mind and the one thing I've always said - he's very strong. Besides that, all the talking and all the acting that he does before and during the fight, we're ready for whatever he's doing."

To be blunt, oddsmakers are focusing on the things that brought about Adrien's inconsistency in the ring and during training.

Broner vs Garcia news
Date: July 29
Broadcast: Showtime

Division: Super lightweight
Titles: None
Rounds: 12

Over the last several years, the Cincinnati native has seen jail time, had repeated run-ins with the law, been largely inactive in the ring, HAS gained astounding amounts of weight in between fights and HAS often failed to make stipulated weight limits. And in addition to all of that, he's unleashed multiple video and social media outbursts, and even threatened to kill himself.

And while he hasn't looked awful in the ring, even showing occasional flashes of brilliance, Broner is a far cry from the dominant whirlwind we saw from 2011-2013. At just 27, he displays all the signs of a fighter going downhill.

Rest-assured, oddsmakers are focusing on that element just as much, if not more, than the fighters' skills and ring accomplishments.

Moreover, Mikey's being the consummate professional only adds insult to injury with regards to Broner's underdog status. Garcia has been nothing short of exemplary to date, inside and outside the ring.

Early indications, however, suggest we're going to see a more serious, better prepared AB.

Will Broner turn back the clock to 2013?

Prepping for the best
Despite the issues and inconsistency that have impeded Broner in the past, Team Garcia insists they have prepared for the best possible AB. And given that AB is looking ripped and more focused these days, Mikey had better bring his A-game.

"He's focused. He's focused," Robert Garcia told FightHype.com last week.

"He's forgetting all that bullsh*t because he's focused on this fight."

"We've been training for a good two months, sparring 154's and even 160's and he's doing good," trainer Robert told BoxingScene.com.

"Mikey's walking around 146, 147 because the guys are big and strong but he's very fast and strong, himself. I think it'll be perfect for him."

Will Broner be perfect for Garcia or will it be vice versa?

Who will enter the ring Saturday night? Will it be the version of Broner who looked like the second coming of Sugar Ray Robinson when he faced Antonio DeMarco or the very tentative, lackluster version of AB who faced Shawn Porter and John Molina Jr?

If a no-nonsense Broner enters the ring Saturday night, this could get very interesting.

Will we see this version of Broner?

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