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Amir Khan vs Jeff Horn in 2018?

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Following his controversial upset of fight legend Manny Pacquiao earlier this month, newly-crowned WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn (17-0-1, 11 KOs) may have just issued a challenge (of sorts) to Amir Khan by giving him a proverbial slap in the face.

Of course, Horn is contractually obligated to give Manny an immediate rematch should the latter request one. Should it happen, Horn, win or lose, should still be a relatively hot target afterwards given the fact he's already made a name for himself.

... And he's made it no secret he wants high-profile opponents and big money fights.

"I want the biggest fights I can get, and Mayweather is the biggest. I realized my dream to become a world champ and now I want to cement my legacy in the sport by beating as many of the big names as I can," Horn told reporters in Australia this week.

Amir Khan  (31-4, 19 KOs), who hasn't fought in over a year and is looking for an opponent, is a fighter Horn has his eye on.

"Khan’s a brilliant boxer,’’ Horn said. “But everyone knows he’s chinny. If he gets hit on the chin he’s going to sleep."

Khan, of course, was victimized by a brutal one-punch knockout in his most recent fight in May 2016 against Canelo Alvarez.

But if Horn thinks Khan's simply going to lie down after absorbing a flush power shot to the chin, he's in for a rude awakening.

For starters, Canelo's perfectly-timed humdinger would have knocked out a tree.

Moreover, fans forget that Khan fought twelve hard, give-and-take rounds with the monstrous-punching Marcos Maidana, notching the win in the process.

And many forget the fireworks Khan supplied after being badly hurt by Danny Garcia who floored Khan with a punch with his full weight behind it that caught caught Amir flush on the side of neck just below the ear. Hard punches that land cleanly on the upper side of the neck under the ear don't always produce a knockout but can shock the brain and cause the recipient to stagger and wobble badly - and Amir Khan did just that.

But Khan, wobbly from the knockdown, arose and subsequently stood toe-to-toe slugging it out with Garcia for the remainder of that round and the beginning of the following stanza until the fight was stopped.

While Khan may have some holes defensively, let's be fair. The boxer some have dubbed Amir 'Chin' Khan' has weathered a few storms and has often fought back harder when he's been hurt.

In order to knockout Khan, Horn will have to set a successful trap and unleash a fully loaded, well-timed shot with his feet planted. However, in doing that Horn would make himself vulnerable to Khan's own powershots.

Does Horn have the punching power, technique and timing of Canelo Alvarez?

And should he face Khan after the Pacquiao rematch, would Horn be biting off more than he can chew?

Khan vs Maidana highlights

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