Thursday, 20 April 2017 12:34

Canelo Alvarez vs David Lemieux (not GGG): 5 reasons it happens this fall

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The biggest fight in boxing is obviously Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin... But what if it doesn't happen in 2017?

Should Canelo vs Golovkin not take place this fall, look for Alvarez to face David Lemieux. In fact, the odds of Canelo vs Lemieux taking place this fall are probably greater than Canelo vs GGG.


1. It's certainly possible Team Alvarez and Team Golovkin won't come to terms on money, especially considering the disappointing numbers generated by Golovkin's most recent bout with Daniel Jacobs. Let's face it, from a business perspective Gennady Golovkin might be too much risk for the reward for Canelo's Golden Boy Promotions. Why would they put their ace in the ring with GGG when there are safer options that might be 70 percent as lucrative as GGG vs Canelo?

2. Both Canelo and Lemieux are promoted by Golden Boy Promotions so pairing the fighters would mean a win-win for the company. Hence, it wouldn't have to negotiate nor share revenue with another promotional outfit.

3. Lemieux has a solid fan base in Canada so Canelo Alvarez vs Lemieux would likely get a lot of exposure there.

4. David is a former middleweight title-holder as well as a respected fighter and action-packed knockout artist who brings intrigue and excitement but has technical shortcomings Canelo could expose. Nevertheless, his power and durabilty make him a legitimate threat to anyone from 154 to 168 pounds.

5. It's no coincidence Montreal’s Lemieux (37-3, 33 KOs), fresh off a devastating knockout of Curtis Stevens last month, is slated to face Mexico’s Marcos Reyes (35-4, 26 KOs) on the Canelo vs Chavez undercard. Golden Boy wants to showcase the former IBF middleweight champion to generate buzz for a possible showdown with Canelo.

“Well, after what I do May 6th, I’m gonna put myself in a position where everybody’s gonna wanna see Canelo-Lemieux,” Lemieux said during a conference call earlier this week.

“I’m not asking for the position. I’m gonna put myself in the position. So what I do with Marco Reyes will put me where I wanna be, to be fighting against Canelo. But first I’ll take care of Reyes, who’s a good fighter.”

And while Golden Boy Promotions president Eric Gomez, on the same call, said their primary objective is to make Canelo vs Golovkin for September 16, let's not forget why Lemieux was signed by Golden Boy in 2015. He was their fall-back option had negotiations failed for Canelo vs Miguel Cotto. That fight, of course, took place in Fall 2015 with Alvarez winning a unanimous decision.

So yes, Canelo vs Lemieux is once again a strong contingency plan.

Let's hope Canelo vs Golovkin materializes for September but don't be surprised if Canelo vs Lemieux happens instead.