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Frank Mir and Mark Hunt: Net worth shocker, purses for UFC Fight Night

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Tonight, UFC heavyweights and MMA legends Frank Mir and Mark Hunt will do battle in Brisbane, Australia in the main event at UFC Fight Night 85.

So, how much will Mir and Hunt make tonight?

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We are not sure and the payouts haven't been announced yet. However, we can reveal previous purses.

At UFC Fight Night 71 in July 2015, Frank Mir earned Frank Mir $200,000 (with no bonus) after defeating Todd Duffee. And at UFC Fight Night 65 last May, Mark Hunt pocketed $160,000 after losing via strikes in Round 5 to Stipe Miocic.

Update: Mark Hunt: $10,000 def. Frank Mir: $20,000

Frank Mir's net worth is $9 million, according to while Mark Hunt's net worth is purportedly only $960,000, according to The Richest.

Who knows are how accurate they above figures are but it's quite shocking Mir's net worth is projected to be 10x Hunt's. Mark Hunt is a fan favorite of sorts and has been in the game quite some time. However, Mir has been in UFC a lot longer, has participated in more high-profile fights and has been the bigger draw throughout most of his illustrious MMA career.

...Nevertheless, the disparity is quite large considering Hunt's popularity and pedigree.

Mark Hunt: $10,000
def. Frank Mir: $20,000
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