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Roy Jones vs Marco Huck: "It's not a joke"

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Longtime cruiserweight champion Marco Huck (38-2-1, 26KO’s) will finally make his USA debut as part of the Premier Boxing Champions series on Spike TV.

The WBO champion will face Krzysztof Glowacki (24-0, 15 KO’s) from Poland. And if Marco wins, a legend may be in the offiing as Huck's next opponent.

Is the great Roy Jones Jr a possibility?

When queried about the prospect of Jones vs Huck, the latter confirmed to BoxingScene,"No it’s not a joke.”

“Roy Jones is a legend. I used to watch Roy’s fight as a kid but when he first mentioned my name I didn’t really know what to feel and I wouldn’t know how to feel about smacking him in the face either but we’ll see what happens.”

"Roy Jones [will get] sleepy Time."


Will it happen?

Jones is certainly doing his part.

The legend is padding his resume and picking opponents who are making him look good. The approach is not uncommon for aging stars when attempting to rebuild their stature and increase their stock. They fight often, look impressive (albeit against low and mid tier opposition) and build a case for a high-profile, big money showdown.

...And that is exactly what Jones appears to be doing.

If Jones continues to look monstrous, albeit against low-tier opponents, his stock will continue to rise. After all, demolishing compromised opposition is something a top fighter should be able to do

So does Roy really have a chance against 30 year old WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck?

Even at 46, it would be unwise to count him out but the odds are certainly stacked against him given the wear and tear on his body and his performances since 2004. However, the last thing an aging fighter losses is punching power and Roy possesses threatening, although not bloodcurdling, power as a cruiserweight.

Perhaps Jones sees a vulnerability he believes he can expose? And maybe, just maybe, Roy can turn back the clock back to 1998 for one very special evening.

“I think I have a couple more good fights in me, and then I’m going to fight for the title,” said Jones earlier this year.

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