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Amir Khan: Afraid of Kell Brook?

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Khan vs. Brook…to be or not to be? That is the question on the minds of many interested fight fans this week.

After the current IBF Welterweight Champion, Kell Brook, and former IBF/WBA Super Lightweight Champion Amir Khan had success in their respective efforts on opposite sides of the pond, talk of an all British, 147 pound clash began circulating around the internet once again.

Immediately following Brook’s stoppage victory over Frankie Gavin on Saturday, May 30, the reigning title holder’s promoter, Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sports, had several choice words to say about a potential match-up with Amir Khan.

“He (Amir Khan) don’t want to fight Kell Brook out of fear of getting beat,” professed Hearn during the event’s post fight press conference.

“100% I believe they can win the fight. But if they lose to Kell Brook, they can forget Mayweather, they can forget Pacquiao.”

“We’ve already offered him $5 million and he can make much more than that now…so what’s the excuse?"

 "Khan says it’s not about the money. Well then what about the world title? He says it’s not about the belt. So what is it about? It’s about legacy? Well come and have a major fight in an outdoor stadium…one of the biggest fights in Britain."

 "That’s a legacy, isn’t it?”


Although the ambitious, young boxing promoter recognizes the athletic gifts and technical ability of the former Olympic Silver Medalist, Hearn truly believes Khan is afraid to step in the ring with his budding Welterweight star.

“He’s a brilliant fighter and has achieved so much…you can’t knock him. But when you get to this stage, it’s like…you’re just scared to fight Kell Brook. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. Not because you don’t think you can win, but you’re scared at the potential of losing and what it could do to your career.”

“It would be a great fight…by no means is it a ‘gimme’ for Kell Brook. It’s a tough fight and he could lose that fight. But he’s willing to put his unbeaten record on the line, as well as his title on the line. But they don’t even want to have a conversation about making a deal.”

During the candid and emotional plea to the media members in attendance, Hearn also stated that his fighter would be willing to concede to any and all of Khan's demands just to make the British super fight a stark reality later this year.

“He can have the lion’s share…we don’t care. They don’t even want to entertain a conversation. It could be a Khan Promotions show…I’ll even give him my Sky Sports Box Office dates, in which I just got a new six year, exclusive deal. I don’t give a monkey’s…I just want to make the fight. It would be so sweet!”

Will an eventual showdown between Amir Khan and Kell Brook finally take place in 2015?

Hearn doesn't believe the guaranteed money maker will happen.

“We’re going to miss the fight,” states the astute fight promoter. “That’s what’s going to happen. One day we’re going to sit back and say, ‘it’s a shame that fight never happened’.”