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Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury 2: Does Wlad really need a knockout to win?

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On July 9, former long reigning heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko will face newly-crowned king Tyson Fury in Manchester, UK in what will serve as a rematch of their November 2015 bout won by the latter.

Although there was no controversy following the upset last fall, Fury's performance did little to excite the public. The Brit triumphed because his opponent, then the champion, did so much less.

When the fighters meet again in July, circumstances will be different.

Fury will be fighting in his native UK in front of his adoring fans and will enter as champion. This apparent reversal of fortune - and roles - has led Tyson Fury's uncle and trainer, Peter, to proclaim Wladimir Klitschko will need to knockout in the rematch to unseat his son.

"I am very pleased the fight's coming over here to the UK...," Peter Fury said recently via FightHype.com.

"They was up for coming here...He [Tyson Fury] will be looking to do things much different in this fight..."

"I think he'll apply more pressure...they realize they need a knockout to win...he's gotta gamble..."

"The one who connects first, it's over...it's going to be a lot more exciting than the first one," added the senior Fury.

Klitschko vs Fury 2
Date: July 9, 2016
Venue/ Location: Manchester Arena /Manchester, UK
Broadcast: HBO (U.S)

Division: Heavyweight
Titles: RING, WBA, WBO
Champion: Tyson Fury

Does Wlad need a knockout to win Klitschko vs Fury 2?

Although judges will insist they don't give added respect to title-holders, boxing has a long history of giving champions the benefit of the doubt in close rounds. Secondly, judges, despite refusing to admit it, are sometimes impacted by large, biased crowds that erupt whenever its fighter of choice throws a punch.

Judges are human and can be swayed by perception.

If the fight is anywhere near close, the Brit will likely retain his title... But, again, does Wlad really need a knockout to win? After all, Fury dethroned Klitschko in front of the latter's boisterous fans in Germany without earning a knockout or even a knockdown.

Answer: While it would be in Wladimir's best interest to earn a stoppage, he can win a decision in Manchester  if he decisively picks apart his 6'10" foe and takes the crowd out of the fight. In addition, flooring the big Brit a few times would certainly help Wladimir's cause.

Unless Fury offers minimal offense, like his opponent last fall, the onus will be on Wladimir to make an emphatic statement.... Not Tyson Fury.


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